Top 15 Unique Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

How often have you found yourself in a situation where you couldn’t decide what to gift someone? It happens to the best of us. We get invited to birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, and such other events that it is challenging to select a perfect present. This article will gift you insight into unique gift ideas for your loved ones!

Top 15 Unique Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

1. A Book


A book is the best gift that you can give anyone. There are so many benefits to reading. Reading builds your vocabulary, increases knowledge, reduces stress, improves memory, creativity, imaginative power, etc. You can give a person their favourite genre of book, or even your favourite book you have longed to share.

2. A Handmade Craft/Card

handmade card

A handmade gift never fails to please anyone because it is a fact that you have put your love and effort into it. A simple handmade greeting card could be much more precious than an expensive gift. There are a lot of DIY ideas and handmade craft ideas available online that you can refer to.

3. Flowers

A bouquet is the kind of present that can be gifted on any occasion. Flowers can be given on any day. A flower can bring a smile to a person’s face, and it’s a beautiful creation of nature. Haven’t you given a rose to your special someone? The reaction of your beloved is proof of that.

4. A Clock

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An alarm clock, wall clock, or even a wristwatch can be a great present. We check time frequently, so it is an excellent option to gift someone. Moreover, every time the person (whom you intend to gift the watch to) checks the time, they will be reminded of you. Above all, it’s a long-lasting present.

5. A Pet Dog

pet dog

Giving someone a dog as a present is a great idea. A dog is a faithful and caring animal, and of course, a human’s best friend. Many people love dogs and would desire to have one. However, before giving someone a dog, make sure that they would be okay with taking care of it.

6. A Plant

source- women’s health magazine

A plant can be a unique and impactful gift. Apart from being a healthy gift, it can also be used as home decor. You can gift an orchid plant, mint plant, or a money plant; even plants like succulents, lavender and aloe vera make great presents. Indeed, it is an adorable gesture, and it will stay with the person for a long time.

7. A Riddle/ Puzzle

Giving a riddle or puzzle as a gift would be an excellent idea for someone intelligent and curious. Be it a Rubik’s cube, Jigsaw puzzle, Stumps or Eureka puzzle, any of these will make a wonderful gift. You can even gift a book of riddles.

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8. Handmade Delicacies

Handmade delicacies

Who doesn’t like delicious sweets like chocolates, cookies, cakes, or candies? How about mouth-watering dishes like sweet pudding or a tangy jar of pickles? Well, we all love it, don’t we? Instead of buying from a candy store, a self-prepared candy that is packed and decorated in an attractive container would make a thoughtful gift.

9. A Gym Membership

Gifting someone a gym membership will show how much you care for their health. The benefits of regular physical exercises are not unknown to us, and they would always help one stay fit. It will prove to be a great stress buster, thus allowing the person to sleep on time and increasing their immunity to diseases.

10. Tea Kit

You can gift a tea kit to a tea lover. It can be an out-of-the-box and stylish gifting idea. You could gift a herbal tea kit, green tea box or black tea set, which would be a healthy choice. Gift it along with a beautiful tea set or tea mug with an infuser and kettle.

11. Sports Gift

unique gift ideas for loved ones

Another gift that aids to maintain physical health and will be much appreciated by the receiver is a sports kit. You can give a badminton kit, a cricket kit, a basketball kit or even a golf kit depending upon the type of sports the person enjoys. If buying a kit is too expensive, you can even gift rackets, golf balls, hockey sticks or similar items.

12. Water Alarm

Source: indiamart

A water alarm will rarely come to anyone’s mind as a gift, but it’s worth gifting. It can prove to be handy and eco-friendly, which will help you save water. A water alarm is a gadget that starts beeping as soon as your water tank gets filled. It is advisable for every house to have one water alarm. 

13. Travel Ticket

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A ticket to one’s favourite place will surely be exciting since most people are fond of travelling. It would be a perfect gift idea if you too could join the person on the trip. You can gift them a trip to some hill station, beach, island or even a historical place amongst others.

14. Night Glowing Stickers

Children, as well as adults, love night glowing stickers. The stickers are made up of photoluminescent pigments that glow in the dark. This can be a cool and unique gift idea.

15. A First Aid Kit

first aid kit for loved ones

A first aid kit should be present in every house, and it should contain all the essential medications. Gifting someone a first aid kit proves how much that person means to you, as you care for their safety. This would be an unusual but quite helpful gift.

The points mentioned above constitute some unique gift ideas that can be considered while gifting something to your loved ones despite the occasion. Receiving such gestures of concern and affection from you will surely make them joyous and grateful for having you in their life.  

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