Top 15 Useful Stationery To Help You Stay Organized

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Staying organized begets less irritation as you know where things are kept. If you’re someone who loves to have things in order or help to sort things out, here are certain things one must have to stay organized. Owning these 15 pieces of stationery will take you a step closer to staying organized.

Top 15 Useful Stationery To Help You Stay Organized

1. Planner


Have too many things to do, and many places to visit, and they keep slipping out of your mind? The best way to remember is to write down all your appointments in a planner so that you always know when and where to be.

2. Paper Clips

Paper Clips

Are scattered sheets a big problem in your life? Do you keep losing essential papers? The best way to ensure that all your important papers stay together is by keeping them together using paper clips so that they do not fly away.

3. Highlighters

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Do you need to mark important points in textbooks, class notes, or a list you made? Highlighters are the way to go! They are saviours and helps you remember important points.

4. Notepad


A small notepad is the best place to write down all your to-do lists so that you never forget your tasks. The best part? You can cross off the completed tasks!

5. Stationary Pouch

Stationary Pouch

One should never underestimate the power of having a pouch with all your stationery intact – at least 2 pens, a few pencils, an eraser, a sharpener, and a ruler. Having your stationery kit in one place ensures that you never have to struggle to find something to write with ever!

6. Folders


Folders are a great way to keep all your papers together. One can use multiple folders for different paper sets like college notes, important documents, etc. You can keep your notes meticulously while preparing for exams.

7. Post-it Notes

 Post-it Notes

Post-it notes are the easiest way to jot down small points. All you have to do is write it on the post-it and stick it! Post-it notes are also useful as reminders – they can be stuck above your study table or fridge. You can also write inspirations on them to cheer you up.

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8. Labels


Labels are a great way to tag your articles – whether it’s folders, notebooks, or storage boxes. They separate one content from another, making it easier to find what we need.

9. Multiple Pen Stands

Multiple Pen Stands

If you have a messy table at home, owning multiple pen stands ensures that all your pens, pencils, and markers are not scattered and are separated.

10. Stapler


A notebook page tears? Use a stapler. Need to submit some documents together? Staple them and submit them! Didn’t have your notebook in class and made your notes on sheets. Use a stapler to keep them together. However, do not forget the staple pins!

11. Rubber Bands

 Rubber Bands

Rubber bands are highly underrated but they are extremely useful in keeping your things bound together – maybe your playing cards, sketch pens, papers, or coloured pencils.

12. Colored Pens

Colored Pens

Coloured pens help in differentiating different types of tasks and appointments in your to-do list or planner. They also come in handy while making notes for school or college. Apart from their practical uses, you can use coloured pens creatively in a journal!

13. Box With Divisions

Box With Divisions

Owning a box with divisions is another simple way to ensure that all the small things on your table like loose change, clips, erasers, etc. are in one place.

14. Flags


Wish to mark some important pages in your notebook or planner? Flags are the way to go! Remembering page numbers became easier with the flags.

15. Basket

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A basket is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to make sure that your table stays de-cluttered. If you don’t have a specific place to keep tiny things like scissors, your hairbrush, or your keys, just put it in the basket! However, do make sure that the basket does not get too overcrowded or you’ll start losing things!

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