Top 15 Weird Phobias You May Not Have Heard Of

Most of the people are generally afraid of something or the other. Some phobias such as the fear of darkness, or the fear of dying are certainly very common. However, there are some fears that are very specific and strange. While all of these are irrational and can affect a person’s life to some extent, a few of these can be extremely harmful. Here are 15 weird phobias you may not have heard of.

1. Aulophobia

This is the fear of flutes. While most people enjoy listening to good music, and find the flute extremely soothing, those who suffer from aulophobia do not want to be anywhere near it.


2. Pogonophobia

A lot of people have an opinion about beards. However, those who suffer from pogonophobia don’t just dislike beards, they are afraid of them. This might be due to a traumatic incident involving someone with a beard or due to the perception of men with a beard having a rugged personality.

via Men’s Journal

3. Venustraphobia

Also called caligynephobia, this can be the concern of beautiful and lovely ladies. The name is derived from Venus, the goddess of beauty. A person may develop this phobia due to rejections from beautiful women, or because of poor self-image.

via WondersList

4. Hylophobia

This is the fear of trees or forests. Often, scary stories or disturbing scenes in movies take place in forests, which is why children are scared of these. Sometimes, people do not grow out of this fear and it can be triggered by coming across trees.

via Phys

5. Omphalophobia

People suffering from this phobia are scared of bellybuttons. Therefore, they do not want to touch their own or someone else’s bellybutton. Some of them even go to the extent of bandaging the bellybutton before showering. This probably originates from its association to the womb and the umbilical cord.

via ABC News

 6. Allodoxaphobia

This is a type of social phobia. Someone who has this phobia is afraid of listening to other people’s opinions. This is more likely to occur in people who were abused as children, and who constantly had to hear unfair criticisms about themselves while growing up.

via Mandi Roarke Counselling

7. Consecotaleophobia

This is a type of social phobia. Someone who has this phobia is afraid of listening to other people’s opinions. This is more likely to occur in people who were abused as children, and who constantly had to hear unfair criticisms about themselves while growing up.

via DHGate

8. Alektorophobia

This is the fear of chickens or hens. People suffering from this are often scared of getting attacked or pecked by these birds. This may occur due to frightening experiences during childhood, or genetics and environment. There are several other fears of animals as well.

via VideoBlocks

9. Dextrophobia

This term refers to the fear of things that are towards the right. Similarly, sinistrophobia is the fear of things that are on the left side of the body. These fears might have their origins in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.


10. Alliumphobia

Although a lot of people do not like the taste of garlic, the people who suffer from this phobia are afraid of being around garlic. It might even cause panic attacks, shaking and the inability to breathe.

via Healthline

11. Genuphobia

Another fear of body parts, this one refers to the fear of knees. Those who have genuphobia may have a restricted upbringing where they could not wear clothes revealing their knees, or this may be the result of a knee injury.

via Orthopaedic Specialists

12. Selenophobia

Most people find the moon alluring. However, that is not the case for those who suffer from selenophobia. These people have a fear of the moon as well as moonlight. There can be a lot of reasons for this including folktales and stories about the moon.

via Universe Today

13. Porphyrophobia

The color purple is traditionally associated with royalty. For this reason, it is hard to imagine it causing fear in someone. However, porphyrophobia is the fear of this color. It falls under the wider term chromophobia or the fear of colors.

via Albert Bartlett

14. Acerophobia

Lemons are a source of many important nutrients and are certainly a good addition to a person’s diet. However, those who suffer from acerophobia might not agree with that. This is the fear of sourness.

via Planet Organic

15. Anatidaephobia

This fear is very specific and quite bizarre. It is not a medical term but is real, nonetheless. Those who suffer from this phobia have an irrational fear that a duck or a goose somewhere is watching them.

via Purely Poultry

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