Top 15 Strategies For Not Losing Your Best Employees

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Have you ever wondered why best employees are making a huge shift from one organization to another?

Toxic and negative environments result in losing up efficient, and worthy employees to a great extent. Though employees can be replaced, their unique abilities, skills, and experiences can never be replaced by employers. Hard work and endless energy they put in, results in enhancing the development and productivity of the organization. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that best employees should be treated in such a way that they tend to stay at the workplace.

Top 15 Strategies For Not Losing Your Best Employees

1. Positive work environment

Positive encouragement every day works best for every organization. Mundane routine and boring work with criticism add fuel to the fire. The motivational conversation is imperative, once in a while to keep all ahead and together in the work environment.

2. Building trust

One of the essential requirement for a good and valuable relationship is building up of the trust. Without it, every word is meaningless. An employer should be approachable and friendly and try to be as supportive as possible. Commitments made should also be kept.

3. Well-paid

If an employee is underpaid, compared to the less deserving employees, he will feel devalued and demotivated. Therefore, proper payment should be decided according to an employee’s qualifications, experiences, and capabilities.

4. Safety in expressing their viewpoints

One of the basic essentials for employees is to feel safe and secure in an organization, not only in expressing their viewpoints but, also their unique ideas. They should not feel threatened or afraid of their higher authorities. Asking appropriate questions at the right time should be encouraged.

5. Absence of coerciveness in the workplace

Form of coerciveness may include suspension, demotion or loss of privileges. Coerciveness in the workplace should be avoided as far as possible. It not only spoils the good relationship that exists between the people involved but, also creates negativity.

6. Contributing to the professional development

Employees feel satisfied when an employer takes an interest in the development of their skills and information. Furthermore, a healthy workforce gets build up resulting in the skill enhancement and a more competitive environment which will benefit the workplace.

7. Bonuses

Being used for many years, a bonus has been a good way of making employees happy and contented. Whether it be a performance bonus, referral bonus or annual bonus, who doesn’t like to get one?

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8. Flexible work hours

Most employees demand flexible work hours. It can be provided through job sharing, work from home, part-time work, etc. whenever the need arises. This will boost up productivity and ensures that quality employees will not quit.

9. Making employee’s decision matter

While taking important decisions for the workplace and the employees, asking for their opinions will make them feel valued. Generally, when people feel undervalued, they tend to quit. It is necessary to make people realize that they are being heard.

10. Responsibility holders

Though every employee is responsible for his or her own work, core responsibilities should be given to only those who have the competence and capacity of fulfilling and handling it.

11. Autonomy for tasks

Proper autonomy should be given to an employee for using a particular resource related to their task and also in how to complete a task. And yes deadlines of the task, of course, should be sole discretion of the employer, only.

12. Full compensation

Providing timely and full compensation to the employees results in making them stay in the same workplace. Moreover, they feel contented and happy working. Compensation can be both in the form of monetary or non-monetary rewards. In case of loss or injury, compensation should be quick and satisfactory.

13. Regular feedback

Lack of regular feedback can result in slipping away from many signs which are noteworthy of identifying employee feeling disengaged from the workplace. Proper attention and feedback is the best way to avoid last minute hassle. It’s always better to avoid a mishappening rather than letting it take place.

14. Productive communication

If an employee is unable to connect with other employees in a fruitful and positive manner, he tends to lose interest in the workplace as well. Who will love to be in a boring and irrelevant place if not appreciated and recognized by fellow beings?

15. Avoid second guessing

Once a decision is made, second-guessing is not always fruitful. It should be done only when necessary and therefore, avoided as far as possible. For instance, after hiring an employee, it is not worth thinking about the employee’s credibility in his or her every action or decision. Judging too soon can prove risky.

These days times are tough, and good employees are hard to find. Inappropriate coerciveness and lack of respect shown towards them will result in moving away from them by grabbing the first possible opportunity. Let’s not waste our time in finding new good employees instead, try to keep the old good ones intact in the organization before it gets too late. 

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