Top 15 ways to practice self-love

Ever been stuck on feelings that you’re not enough and worthy of love? Experiencing all these negative thoughts might be stressful and stop you from loving yourself. But how do you get rid of all these and concentrate on loving yourself? Let’s figure out some solutions to these problems.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind and ways to practice self-love.

1. Learn complimenting yourself

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One of the best ways to practice self-love is to begin by complimenting yourself. You need to know that you are worthy and not less than anything. You can simply start with, “I am Pretty, I am worthy and capable, I did a good job.” This would boost your self-esteem and help you to love yourself.

2. Reward yourself for little things you achieve

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Rewarding yourself with tokens of encouragement such as treating yourself with your favorite meal and chocolates, having a solo trip after a long time of hard work and success are the best ways to make you feel better and practice self-love.

3. Become self-confident

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One of the tools you need to accompany for practicing self-love is self-confidence. If confidence is lacking in you, you can’t start loving yourself. Because without self-confidence, there will always be self-doubt lingering around.

4. Try seeking internal validation

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You don’t always have to seek any kind of validation from other people that are known to you. You need to understand that people might have different opinions against you and it’s okay. You cannot change it, but you can change and create your own opinion.  You need to seek internal validation for yourself. Let’s say, you’re getting ready for a party and you aren’t able to decide what to wear. You’re afraid that you might be the odd one out at the party. Well, let’s stop this feeling right there! You need to make yourself understand that whatever you wear is perfect and validate in similar cases.

5. Give acceptance to your real self

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As I have mentioned already, to get accepted you don’t need to show others that you’re perfect. You become perfect when you give acceptance to what you are. The self-love tip would help you to be happy internally. When you give acceptance to your real self, you’re automatically pleased and don’t need to please everyone every single time.

6. Spend quality time with yourself

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Also, the best way to practice self-love is to give time to yourself. How can you expect to love yourself when you don’t try to spend quality time with yourself? At the very least, you can save some ‘me’ time for, like, watching a movie, or maintaining a diary and writing about how your day goes every day, and try out other creative things as well.

7. It’s okay to create boundaries with toxic people around

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If someone is making you feel like you’re always the faulty one, and not worthy enough then start creating boundaries. It’s good to create boundaries if someone leaves you with self-doubt and tries hindering your growth.

8. Explore your talents

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Self-love begins with exploration. You need to start digging out your talents and nourish them with your efforts. The talents and creativity that have been hiding in you all this time would help you achieve growth and inner satisfaction. In this process, self-love occurs.

9. Practice yoga and meditation for the well being of your body

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All is well when your health is. Practicing yoga and meditation is a form of self-love. It brings wellness to your mind, soul, and body. It keeps you calm and helps you control your actions and emotions maintaining a healthy atmosphere inside you.

10. Compassion is the key to self-love

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Having compassion towards things you love and hope to achieve is the key to satisfaction and love. Let’s say you work so hard but you’re not able to achieve success. There might be a vast possibility that you have been lacking compassion towards it. Having compassion would help you love the thing you want and is the ultimate key to self-love.

11. Create inner peace by being grateful

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The best way to have inner satisfaction and practice self-love is to be grateful. You need to become grateful for what you are and what you have. Because of this feeling, you would start loving yourself and stop hating yourself for your inefficiencies.

12. Give acceptance to failures and learn to let go

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Failures would always be in the process. Everyone at least for once experiences some sort of setback or failure in life. But if you hold on to it you won’t be able to love yourself. You would start feeling that you’re not worthy of achieving success. So begin by accepting your failures, and then let them go. Only then you can enter the house of self-love.

13. Make yourself busy with things that would matter to you in 5 years

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Surround yourself with people and things that would matter to you in 5 years. This life rule would make you busy enough and exfoliate all the toxicity affecting you all this time. Acknowledge what’s important for you to start achieving self-love.

14. Learn to exclude the negative thoughts with a smile or humor

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If you feel like there’s some sort of negativity lingering in or around you, then stop overthinking it. Start exchanging it with happy thoughts. You can simply smile or end all the negative thoughts with sweet humor always.

15. Learn to express your feelings or let them out when needed.

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You should express your feelings. That’s the most important in your journey to practice self-love. Never suppress your thoughts and feelings. Let it out and express it or else, in the worst-case scenario, you would never be able to love yourself. Those negative thoughts and feelings would start creating frustration and toxicity in you.

Practicing self-love is never difficult. By reading these tips you will get the idea of how to love yourself and exfoliate from all the toxicity that’s been stopping you to practice self-love. So what are you waiting for? Apply these tips of self-love and start leading the life you always wanted.

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