Top 15 Chocolate Desserts You Must Try

Love desserts but don’t know what to make? Chill, this blog will help you out. Chocolate desserts are favorites for kids and adults and are easy to make.

Top 15 Chocolate Desserts You Must Try

Love chocolates? Then these amazing chocolate dessert ideas are a treat for you. These unique desserts would make you feel heavenly and enhance your mood. If you once give a try to these, you would definitely fall in love with them. So, let’s get started.

1. Spiced chocolate fondue

This melted chocolate at room temperature is something that would make your day fantastic. It is served with pieces of marshmellows, gingerbread or strawberries, bananas, apples that is to be dipped inside the fondue. Sometimes, salted cookies are also served for better dessert experience.

2. Chocolate french crullers

These chocolate dessert has a thin, crunchy outer crust with airy center and topped with some dried raspberries and fudge. These French crullers are heavenly in taste and leaves you drooling for more. This can be a good idea as dessert in your parties.

3. Chocolate fudge

This dessert is made by topping a fudgy cake with dark chocolate ganache and some cacao nibs sprinkled over it. It is made from coffee, rye flour, and crème fraìche that increases the cocoa’s nuttiness and sweet aroma. This dessert has a bit of salty taste that enhances it’s taste.

4. Choco- citrus cassata

This cassata has cake as well as ice cream in it. A glaze of chocolate ganache over it makes this dessert a hit. This dessert was first made in chef Rebecca Wilcomb’s New Orleans resto.

5. Air fryer brownies

These brownies are made in air fryers and topped with molten chocolate. These fudgy brownies are quite yummy and delicious in taste. It is quite easier to make as it takes less than one hour to be prepared.

6. Double chocolate cookies

These cookies are made from rye flour, cocoa and dark chocolate bars. The rye flour balances the bitter taste of chocolate while the dark chocolate enhances its taste. A little bit of brown sugar added to the cookies makes it extra chewy.

7. Chocolate buttermilk snack cake

This cake is made from, dark chocolate and buttermilk as its main ingredients. To prepare this dessert, mascarpone is used to make the creamy rich filling. This dessert would be a hit in your party.

8. Chocolate raspberry icebox cake

This cake is prepared by mixing crushed cookies, fresh raspberries, layers of raspberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream and baking it into a marble cake and it would take only about 15 minutes. It requires no frosting, yet tastes delicious. The sweet and crunchy cookie have a perfect crumble layer to be relished on.

9. Sweet n’ salty choco bars

These sweet n salty choco bars are quite fun and yummy. These are from Food & Wine’s Justin Chapple and tastes heavenly. It works with both hard pretzel or thin pretzel as well.

10. Black cherry chocolate ice cream cake

These homemade chocolate cookies served with black cherry ice cream makes you an amazing ice cream sandwich. This ice cream sandwich can be stored for 1month in deep freezers. You can make ice cream cake out if this by changing the process of sandwich to cake.

11. Miso tart choco dessert

This dessert is savory-sweet. The nutty, crunchy crust lays the foundation for a velvety-smooth filling and the addition of miso mixed with melted dark chocolate adds depth and umami, an almost buttery quality, and saltiness to balance the sweetness in the truffle-like ganache.

12. Peanut chocolate custard

This dessert is made from low fat chocolate milk and silken tofu. Roasted peanut added to it enhances crunch in it. Do try this dessert and you won’t regret for it.

13. Black ruby cookies

This cookie is made from dark chocolate and white chocolate ganache. Paola Velez adds her own spin to her youth’s iconic New York City treat the Black and White cookie. She starts by going all-chocolate with the topping, one side gets piped with dark chocolate ganache and the other with ruby chocolate, fruity chocolate with a pink hue.

14. Cocoa bundt cake

This cake is like a heavenly treat in this modern era. It is prepared by making cola flavoured cake with cola flavoured icing. The cola acts like a leavening agent that makes the cake fluffy and airy.

15. Salted tahini chocolate bread

These buttery, nutty, salty shortbread cookies have enough structure to hold together when you pick them up, but they are meltingly tender when you take a bite. The salt compliments the tanginess of the chocolate, and brings out the nuttiness of the tahini.

These were some amazing chocolate dessert ideas that your guests would love to have. Do try them all and let us know which one is your favorite dessert among these.

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