Top 15 Ways Climate Change is Currently Impacting the World

Climate change is a major crisis that is spreading over a vast expanse of earth, yet we do not treat this with the impending sense of doom and urgency that we need to! It is a crucial time for the leaders of all nations to collectively acknowledge this issue and treat it with the urgency it deserves. the impact of climate change is being felt at every corner of the world.

Top 15 Ways Climate Change is Currently Impacting the World

1. India

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India’s extensive coastline earlier was a boon for trade import-export. However, this boon may not prevail for much longer. Due to rising water levels, India is at risk of severe flooding and tsunamis. Previously reclaimed lands, like Mumbai too, are at risk. Mumbai being one of the biggest metropolitan cities of India could face a screeching halt as water rises.

2. Pakistan


Pakistan suffered from one of the most deadly heatwaves ever recorded in its country back in 2015, with temperatures rising up to 49 °C. There was a sudden rise in temperature. This lead to around 2,000 dead. This deadly heatwave, unfortunately, is becoming a norm in the country due to the impact of climate change.

3. United kingdom

Developed nations like the U.K too are bearing the brunt of climate change. The U.K is experiencing extreme weathers. This extreme change varies from extremely hot summers to heavy rainfall storms.

4. United States

United States
A wildfire in Los Angeles, California

The most severe impacts can be felt in the US where post-apocalyptic-looking conditions can be seen: instances such as wildfires in California to droughts in Iowa. this is substantially reducing agricultural produce. This, in turn, is affecting the economy.

5. Mexico

Northern Mexico in itself has seen a rise in temperature. Its annual temperature is steadily on the rise. A 3-4 °C rise has been. This rise is a lot more alarming than what it appears to be. Sensitive ecosystems may see a fall due to even slight change in expected weather variations.

6. Poland


The impact of climate change in Poland is not as universally known as it should be. The region is suffering from increasing natural disasters. Since 2005, more than 10 hurricanes have struck the country.

7. Greenland

The most devastating impacts of climate change can be seen in Greenland. As the temperature steadily rises, the icebergs continue to melt. Not only is the water level rising, but it also threatens the historical sites. The extraordinary Norse and Inuit artifacts are at risk. They bear the brunt of the destruction.

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8. Dubai

Dubai, despite being an already desert country, too, is suffering. The already hot country is seeing a further increase in temperature. If this rise remains constant the country will soon be uninhabitable.

9. Paris – France

Paris - France
Flooding in Paris

The city of love, Paris is too under the water. In a rare state of events, extreme rainfall occurred in Paris. This led to flooding and the daily lives of Parisians took a halt. This phenomenon, scientists concurred, was due to changing climate.

10. Africa


The continent of Africa- rich in wildlife, may cease to exist. Late onset of the rainy season has been observed throughout the continent. Crop yield is gradually decreasing due to this, as well as animal sustenance.

11. Iceland

Iceland has become a victim to warming oceans. This is harming the rich marine life and biodiversity around the North Pole. Water acidification too is being observed.

12. Australia

A satellite view of the great barrier reef

Climate change is killing the beautiful coral reefs along the Great Barrier Reef. Increasing water temperature will soon destroy the 1,400 mile stretch of coral reefs in Australia.

13. Germany


Intense heat waves and equally intense cold waves are now being observed in Germany. This sudden shift in climate is alarming.

14. China

Chinese citizens have resorted to wearing masks to defend from polluted air.

Like a number of countries, China’s climate too is undergoing drastic changes. Rising water levels, rising temperatures, and increased heat waves all spell trouble to this highly populated country.

15. Sri Lanka

The oddest weather from usual can be seen in Sri Lanka. Droughts and extreme rainfalls simultaneously vary in the country. This phenomenon astounds scientists all over.

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