Top 15 Myths About Mental Illness That Need To Be Corrected

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Illness refers to anything affecting the body or mind. You must have heard people saying that they are having a stomach ache or headache, but very few people confront having a serious prolonged illness like depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or anxiety disorder. Have you wondered why? Because people fear being excluded from the society who might label their mental illness as insanity.

Top 15 Myths About Mental Illness That Need To Be Corrected

1. Mental Illness Doesn’t Exist

Mental Illness Doesn’t Exist
Source: Healthline

People, very casually, become indifferent toward mental illness and ignore it. They don’t consider it as an illness only rather a fleeting negligible feeling that happens only to the poor minds. This perception must be changed.

2. Mental Illness Is A ‘Poor Phenomenon’

Mental Illness Is A 'Poor Phenomenon'
Source: The Guidance Girl

A linkage is often built between mental illness and poor status in society. People with mental illness, who feel deprived, are the only victims is one of the common myths about mental illness. But you know people who have everything to lead a good life also suffers from mental illnesses. Many celebrities like Deepika Padukone have accepted that they have suffered from mental illness.

3. These People Are Weak

These People Are Weak
Source: Business Insider

Everyone suffers from stress in their daily life. Different individuals adopt different coping mechanisms to deal with stress. Mental illness can happen to anyone. And does not have a ‘specific class’.

4. Don’t Need External Help

Don’t Need External Help
Source: Psychology Today

You know it’s the bravest beings who seek for help. There is no shame in asking for help. You are not a superhuman who can tackle everything in life by own. Social support always helps in coping up and offering solutions.

5. Only Insane People Visit Psychologists

Only Insane People Visit Psychologists
Source: BetterHelp

We have doctors for physical illness. In the same way, we have doctors for mental health problems. A psychologist can help you treat your mental health problems. Psychologist as a profession is too stigmatized as the ones who deal with insane people. A change in the attitude of society is the need of the hour.

6. They Are Violent Or Dangerous

They Are Violent Or Dangerous
Source: Maple Ridge News

There is no evidence that people who suffer from mental illnesses are inherently violent. Mentally ill people need someone to understand them, empathize with them, and validate their feelings. People with mental illnesses are much more likely to be victims of violence than to be violent.

7. They Are ‘Attention Seekers’

They Are 'Attention Seekers'
Source: Taste of Cinema

“Until you don’t experience something by yourself, you don’t understand others problems or perspective” is a very apt quote to help society understand that people who suffer from mental illnesses are human beings too. Instead of giving them labels, try to help them.

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8. It Is The Result Of ‘Bad Childhood’

It Is The Result Of 'Bad Childhood'
Source: The Boston Globe

Yes, Core schemas are formed during childhood. But you know even the ones who look the happiest and satisfied can too suffer from mental illness. A human being goes through many stages of life and confronts challenges. Having a bad childhood is not an obvious reason for sure.

9. They Should Be Sent To Mental Asylums

They Should Be Sent To Mental Asylums
Source: Freepik

If anybody in your family says suffer from depression, you do not need to send them to mental asylums. They need your care and support. Excluding them will increase their problems.

10. Only Adults Suffer From Mental Illnesses

Only Adults Suffer From Mental Illnesses
Source: Harvard Health – Harvard University

Mental illness can happen to anyone irrespective of age or gender. Even kids suffer from mental illnesses. Unfortunately, they don’t receive the help they need because of which they face problems in their adult lives and become very conscious of speaking up about their mental illnesses.

11. People Never Recover From Mental Illness

People Never Recover From Mental Illness
Source: Healthline

With the right support and guidance, anyone can recover from a mental health problem. Today, there are a different kind of therapies, counselling sessions, and services, which can help an individual to gain a new perspective towards life and cope with their mental illness. Many people grow stronger once they have overcome their mental health problems.

12. I Will Never Experience It

I Will Never Experience It
Source: KERA News

Many researchers have estimated that an average individual will suffer from any kind of mental illness once in their lifetime. No one is immune. Take care of your mental health as you take care of your physical self.

13. I Can’t Do Anything To Help A Mentally Ill Individual

I Can’t Do Anything To Help A Mentally Ill Individual
Source: Verywell Mind

You just need a will to help someone. Talk to them, help them know that this is just an illness and with time and support of family and friends, they will soon recover from it.

14. A Negative Attitude Towards Life

A Negative Attitude Towards Life
Source: Daily Life

No individual can remain positive throughout his/her life. Life is not a bed full of roses. Difficult moments in life make an individual stressful. Like any other illness, recovering from mental illnesses too takes time.

15. An Intellectual Disability/Brain Damage

An Intellectual Disability/Brain Damage
Source: Medical News Today

Like diabetes or heart disease, mental illness also needs treatment. It’s not that an individual has lost all intellectual capabilities or talents.

Mental health is not a destination, but a seemingly difficult process. It’s about how you drive. And not about where you are going.

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