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Top 15 Must-Read Great Books On Mythology Of All Times

As we all know, mythology is a pile of myths that specifically belong to a period defining its culture and religion. Some mythology includes greeks; some include Hercules, while some include legends like Rama, etc....

Top 15 Biggest Insurance Claim Payouts Of All Time

Be it people or companies, all of us insure every precious thing of ours. Insurance thus plays an essential part in our lives. Well, this is important to do as it is a good way...

Top 15 Most Followed Religions In The World

Did you know that millions of people follow several religions in the world? Let's get to know the most followed religions in the world, their backgrounds, and the people following them. 1. Hinduism:  This is one of...

TOP 15 LGBTQ Movies You Should Watch

LGBTQ representation in movies is on the rise, and the audience enjoys this portrayal of marginalized groups on screen. Some of these were applauded with critical praise and were able to win major awards like...

Top 15 Luxury Hobbies For the Rich

Many people, in general, do not even have a hobby. Even if you ask them what they like to do in their leisure time, they would probably say work. Clearly, this is not the right...

Top 15 Ways To Put Together A Perfect Wardrobe

Most people do not put much effort into their clothes, but it is essential to have a perfect wardrobe. Make a wardrobe that reflects your personality. Let's Look At Some Ways To Put Together A Perfect...

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