Top 15 Reasons Why Marriages End In Divorce

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Marriage is a promise for a lifetime. However, it’s not easy for everyone to fulfill that promise till their last breath, and many marriages end up in divorce. But there are several other factors behind failed marriages. 

Here are the top 15 reasons why marriages end in divorce:

1. Gender inequality 

According to research, countries with better pay to females have more divorce rates than countries where males are paid more than women. The risk of divorce rises when a woman makes more than her husband.

2. To have a baby or not.

This is a big question in marriage. It often happens when one person wants to have a baby, and the other is not ready to have it yet. This disagreement may end marriages.

3. Unaligned reasons

For many people, things like money, status, the biological clock, and the matter of sexual gratification come into play in ending the marriage.

4. No communication

Having constant and active communication is the key to having a happy married life. No one is a mind reader, so one needs to actively convey their feelings to their partner. One needs to communicate their plans, emotions, goals, etc. Lack of communication from both sides or even one causes misunderstandings which may lead to divorce.

5. Your goals are not syncing. 

People end up having a divorce when they do not share the same vision or their plans and goals differ. One maybe wants to have a simple life, and the other might want to have every other thing in their life. This becomes a huge problem in many marriages, and couples usually are not able to compromise or reconcile.

6. Excessive familial interference

Many mothers treat their grown-up sons like a baby. This becomes irritating for their wives as this kind of person puts their mothers first instead of their wives. Their decisions will be influenced by their mothers, and they will also not have the habit of doing anything by themselves because their mothers used to do their every small task.

7. Your definition of happiness is completely different. 

This happens when you both have different definitions of happiness. One might feel happy about having a fancy dinner, but the other might just want a simple candlelight dinner at home. One might want to go on a vacation, but the significant other feel happy spending the day at home. This is a problem when both people do not sail on the same boat.

8. Having an extramarital affair. 

Well, this point doesn’t even need any explanation. Several marriages break because one of the partners cheats on their spouse.

9. Couples stop trying. 

Marriages are tough and, in the long run, might not work out for everybody. Not everyone might have the patience to navigate through the entire relationship and solve every problem. This is the reason why people end up having a divorce because they find they are unable to try.

10. Making marriage a band-aid. 

Many people think that getting married might solve their broken marriage; then, they are completely wrong. This shouldn’t be why you are getting married in the first place. Do not consider marriage a band-aid to fix your broken relationship or yourself.

11. No money, big problems.

Money plays a very important role in marriages. Financial problems often cause cracks in marriages.

12. ‘Grey divorce’ is on the rise. 

Grey divorce is referred to people who file for a divorce when they are above 50. This happens for many reasons, such as boredom, different attractions, a passive lifestyle, etc. The rate of grey divorce is rising rapidly.

13. True colors of people.

A couple might look perfect from the outside, but there is no knowing what transpires in the inner sphere. Many marriages end because of domestic abuse and violence.

14. Playing the blame game. 

A couple might not be able to meet each other midway and resort to animosity and blaming each other. This causes a huge problem in their marriage until one of them quits.

15. Losing identity

When a person losses their identity, it gets difficult for them to accept others. Getting married doesn’t mean losing your identity, but this is what happens to many people. People feel like they are losing their selves, and this ends their marriages.

Marriages are considered sacred bonds, and a lot of stigma is attached to getting a divorce. The reasons for it may be on a personal to societal level. I hope these top 15 reasons why most marriages end in divorce gave some insight!

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