Top 15 Absurd and Hilarious Thoughts A Child Had

It is healthy maneuvering down the memory lane from your childhood. Reiterating those memories not only invigorates you but also proves to be a learning lesson. What if – the dreaded what if – you remember the most embarrassing thing you did as a child? A child’s mind is imaginative and creative, but it is also gullible and naive. God save heaven while I write down Top 15 absurd and hilarious thoughts a child had.

Top 15 Absurd and Hilarious Thoughts A Child Had

1. Moon Cheese

Moon Cheese
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Cheese is such a yummy delicacy, and thanks to France for introducing it to the world. This cheesy love was not limited to the meal, but it occupied the mind of a child. Every child aspired to become an astronaut for a sole reason: to eat the moon cheese. Yes! That’s what they thought! A moon made completely out of cheese! 

2. Watermelon Garden

Watermelon Garden
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To have a personal garden is to possess peace. But what if that garden is inside your stomach. That’s what granny said if you ate a watermelon seed. As absurd the thought is, children believed it whole-heartedly. They longed to have a personal garden but not included in their anatomy!

3. Black And White Lifestyle

Black and white lifestyle
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We must blame the old television set for this! The 90s kids will completely argue. It fooled our naive minds into believing that the world is in black and white. The figures on the screen have black and white skin colour, and they live a monochromatic life. 

4. You Could Be Anything!

 You Could Be Anything!
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You could be anything you want, only if you are the character Frank Zhang from the Percy Jackson series. Mothers are encouraging figures in our lives. They encourage us to follow our dreams. As a child, we took this encouraging way too seriously!    

5. Fly Away With A Balloon

Fly away with a balloon
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A money-saver! Airlines will call this rubbish. But who will rectify a child’s thinking? Hold the balloon in your hand, and you will fly high! Although it is impossible considering the laws of Physics, there is no limit to a child’s imagination. Isn’t it?

6. Hey Blanket, You Are My Savior

Are you worried about the monster below your bed? Don’t worry. The blanket will save you from the monster. Whether it is a monster or a chilly bedroom, a blanket will protect you. All you have to do is clutch it hard, and cover yourself with it. 

7. Elemenopee (L, M, N, O, P)

Elemenopee (L, M, N, O, P)
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A grown-up may not be amused with the sound, but a child doesn’t think so. For a child, it is one word. This dilemma causes a ripple of laughter every time a child utters ‘Elemenopee’ confidently. If only the Oxford dictionary formally accepts this as an official word, it will make every child happy. 

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8. Stalker Moon

Stalker Moon
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Stalking is a very creepy obsession, but a child would think otherwise. Thanks to Grandma’s tales that involved fairy tales and fantasies of ‘Chanda Mama’. Everywhere you go, the moon will follow you. Children would consider the moon as their friend who’s keeping a protective gaze on them. 

9. Eat Rice To Avoid A Ghost

Eat Rice To Avoid A Ghost
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There is no end to our mother’s creativity and convincing power. They will concoct anything incredibly like this one. Mothers would tell their children to finish eating rice, otherwise, a scary ghost would kidnap them. Pro-tip on saving yourself from a ghost: eat rice. 

10. Run When The Thunder Amplifies, Old Lady Might Catch You

Run When The Thunder Amplifies, Old Lady Might Catch You
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This was the master trick used by mothers. They would use this trick to make their children listen to them. It was so effective that the child would fear the old lady and sleep right away. Good move, mothers!

11. Grow Your Hair, Barbie!

Poets personify non-living living objects to add aroma to the text. In reality, neither do non-living objects locomote, nor they have any living characteristics. Appealing to the child’s fantasy, barbie dolls grow their hair. As absurd and creepy it may sound, a child’s wish does not always come true. Thank God!

12. Santa Claus Is Real

Santa Claus Is Real
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Yes, and so are the unicorns! Santa Claus is the main Christmas spirit for children. They love gifts received from him. Every grown-up has a child inside them who likes surprise gifts. It’s a mutual wish by everyone, to bring back the old days.

13. What Are Your Real Names, Dear Parents?

Children grow up calling their parents mom and dad with love. But their irrevocable confusion on learning someone address their parents by their real names is completely hilarious. Why can’t your names be just ‘mom and dad’?

14. A Baby For Good Health

A Baby For Good Health
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A child’s spontaneous questions leave the grown-ups in awe. ‘Why would you eat a baby?’ a child questioned to his pregnant mother, which sent all his elders into a gest of laughter. Aren’t they cute with their hilarious questions?      

15. A Pumpkin Transport

A Pumpkin Transport
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Wow, Cinderella, you gave us high expectations! Leave Lambhorgini or Mercedes, a child’s fantastical dream involved owning a personal pumpkin carriage. They would envisage the day when they will get it, but alas, it only happens in the story. 

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