Top 15 Amazing Superhumans Of India

We have all dreamt of possessing superpowers at some point in our lives. But some people did make their dreams come true. They possess superpowers. They can do what you and I dream of. Today, we present to you 15 people in India who possess superhuman powers. These people are recognized around the world for their abilities. They have also set new records and broken many existing ones with their names in the record books.

Top 15 Amazing Superhumans Of India

1. Manoj Chopra

source- slate magazine

Manoj holds the title of “Asia’s Strongest Man”. He is an athlete, motivational speaker, and a holder of Guinness World Record. He has showcased amazing feats of his superhuman powers of tearing telephone directories, tearing number plates like paper, bending screwdriver with bare hands, rolling cars, etc.

2. Shakuntala Devi

source- homegrown

A good writer and a great mathematician, Shakuntala Devi is known as the Human-Computer of India. A movie on her life starring Vidya Balan as Shakuntala Devi has also been made and released on an OTT platform.

3. Nandana Unnikrishnan

source- khaleej times

She is a child with autism and has the extraordinary ability to read her mother’s mind. This news was revealed to the world in an exclusive report published by Khaleej Times. A team of experts in the field witnessed this amazing demonstration.

4. Yaashwin Sarawanam

source- youtube

He was the finalist in Asia’s Got Talent 2019. Popularly known as the “Human Calculator”, this 19-year-old young champ’s speed of mental calculation is priceless to watch. Why don’t you check it out yourself on YouTube?

5. Akrit Jaswal

source- medsmarter

With an IQ of 146, Akrit Jaswal is the world’s smartest boy. Akrit came to public attention when he was seven. He performed his first medical procedure on an 8-year-old girl who burned her hand. Akrit had neither formal medical training nor experience of surgery, but he freed the girl’s fingers and she was able to use her hand again.

6. Prahlad Jani

source- light documentary

Prahlad Jani is not the name of an ordinary person. He is a complete mystery. Would you believe if I said Prahlad hasn’t had food and water for the last 80 years? But he claims that he hasn’t since 1940. Many researchers tried to solve this mystery of the unusual behaviour of Prahlad. A few documentaries, short movies, television episodes have also been made on him.

7. Jyoti Raj

source- bangalore mirror

Born in the state of Karnataka, he earned himself the title of “Monkey Man”, as he gained attention as a solo climber when he climbed the tall stone structures and wall at Chitradurga Fort like a monkey without the help of ropes.

8. Dashrath Manjhi

source- moral heroes

He is popularly known as the “Mountain Man”. Unlike other members on the list, Manjhi was not born extraordinary. In fact, he is the one true example of how love, passion and dedication can make you extraordinary. Go ahead and read about his unbelievable extraordinary story of ‘Mountain versus Manjhi’.

9. Rajmohan Nair

source- daily hunt

“Electricity Mohan” or “Electro-Man”, he is a man with a weird gift of surviving electrocution when he touches electricity. He can survive more than the normal amount of electric current that would instantly kill an ordinary human in any situation.

10. Anandita Dutta Tamuly

source- indiatimes

She is commonly known as the “Chilli Girl” or “Indian Chilli Queen”. She was recognized by international media when she set the world record of eating the world’s hottest chilies in record time.

11. Shanti Devi

source- facts professor

The story of the reincarnation of Shanti Devi is no less than any Bollywood movie. Her tale about the afterlife, reincarnation, and rebirth of Lungdi Devi even shocked Mahatma Gandhi. Details shared by a four-year-old girl about the place she had never visited, about the people she had never seen before surely did shock everyone.

12. Chewang Norphel

source- sunday guardian

He is the “Ice-man” of Ladakh. A Padma Shri awardee, nature lover by hobby, engineer by profession, Chewang Norphel is the man who built fifteen artificial glaciers in the last thirty years.

13. Jaspreet Singh Kalra

source- youtube

Featured in History TV18 series OMG! Yeh Mera India, Jaspreet Singh Kalra is the “Rubber Man of India”. Kalra has been ranked “World’s Second Most Flexible Man” and “World’s Fifth Most Flexible Person”.

14. Jadav Payeng

source- eastmojo

Jadav Payeng is the “Forest Man of India”. He spent 30 years of his life planting the entire forest of Molai single-handedly. Forest Man and The Molai Forest are the award-winning documentaries made on Jadav Payeng.

15. Palam Kalyanasundaram

source- doerlife

Cambridge is honored as the “Noblest Man in the World” by Palam Kalyanasundaram is a real superhuman for a special reason. This 78-year-old noble person is the perfect example of humanitarianism. By donating every single penny that he had earned in his entire life to the needy, this retired librarian became the “Richest Man on Earth”.

I hope this list makes you feel motivated. Always remember that a superhuman is not only synonymous with a person who is born with extraordinary powers, but a superhuman can also be someone who does things with immense dedication and hard work.

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