Top 15 Anomalous Beliefs Exist Only In India

We all have been grown up with some anomalous beliefs inherited in our minds by society. Some of these are extremely funny which will make you laugh out loud while some are highly preposterous. Let’s have a look at the 15 most anomalous beliefs that exist only in India.

Top 15 Anomalous Beliefs Exist Only In India

1. Eating Dahi-Shakkar Before Going For Any Auspicious Work Brings Fortune

Eating Dahi-Shakkar

I don’t know who made this rule but I still can’t understand what is the logic behind eating dahi-shakkar before leaving for any auspicious work. What if the person does not eat Dahi-shakkar? Will his work remain accomplished? Well, it should be answered by the person who made this rule.

2. If A Black Cat Crosses Your Path, You Will Face Failure

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Suppose you have got a job after a long wait and it’s your first day. You are super ready and excited. You walk out of your home and suddenly a black cat crosses your path. Now, will you drop your day just because of a cat! Well, generally lots of Indian do that. Poor black cat! She didn’t know that she spoiled your day.

3. Keeping An Iron Knife Will Drive Away Bad Dreams

Source: indiatimes

What is the connection of an Iron knife with dreams! I really don’t get it. But if the people feel that keeping a knife under the pillow will drive away their bad dream then let them be. At least, they are sleeping peacefully.

4. Eye Twitching


If Left eye of women and right eye of men twitches, then it is the portent of good fortune and vice versa portent misfortune. Seriously? Wake up, dude! It’s an eye myokymia and happens because of loss of sleep, fatigue, stress, and anxiety etc. Go and get an eye check-up.

5. Crow Shit On You Brings Luck

Source: dailymail

I don’t think there is any other country around the world which beliefs any animal-shit fall on the body to be a sign of good fortune. But unfortunately, we Indians do and this is where we present ourselves as foolish.

6. Adding One Rupee Coin To Gift Money Is Auspicious

Source: indiamart

If you have ever attended any ceremony then you must have noticed that ek rupay ka sikka with gift money. It’s in our tradition that money gift should be accompanied by one rupee coin to make it auspicious. But I always wonder why! I think it will help me to crack UPSC.

7. People With Flat Feet Are Unlucky

Source: quora

If I had met that man who started propagating this irrational belief then surely I would have killed him multiple times. I mean common man! It’s just a body structure and nothing has to do with fortune or misfortune.

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8. Women With Short Hair Are Feeble Minded

Source: Hindustan Times

Not again man! How can you judge someone intelligence by her appearance? It’s just a matter of choice. Someone likes short hair and someone like long and they keep it according to their interest. I am sure you have not seen Indira Gandhi’s picture. Then, see her here.

9. Crow’s Caw-Caw In The Morning Is The Sign Of The Arrival Of Guest

I think our would-be guest must have sent that crow as a messenger to inform that yeh!! we are coming today to meet you. Otherwise, how would the crow know that we are having a guest today?

10. If You Kill Any Cat, Then You Have To Donate The Statue Of A Cat Made Up Of Gold Of Same Weight As That Of Cat To Avoid Misfortune

Source: pininterest

If you have killed any cat, knowingly or unknowingly; then you are liable to donate the gold of her weight. Interestingly, the cat weighs more than 2 Kg and donating spending money on 2 Kg gold is in itself a misfortune. What do you think!!

11. If You See Any Dream In The Dawn, Then It Will Become Reality

Source: Psychology Today

What if I have seen that I have become the owner of a multinational company!! I wish this belief would have become reality because I saw such kinds of dream on daily basis. But, unfortunately, oneirology says that it occurs because of the REM stage of sleep and is the window to our subconscious mind. That’s it, folks.

12. If Dog Weeps In The Night, Then It Is The Sign Of The Death Of Someone Or Extreme Misfortune


I think the dog must have possessed some supernatural abilities, that’s why they sense someone death even before a doctor, Right? The next time you will say that if dog laughs then someone is going to born.

13. Sweeping The House In The Evening Will Drive Away Laxmi From Home

Source: Indiatimes

Your elderly may have scolded you for sweeping in the evening but have you ever asked them why? I think the reason is simple- they are against the clean India campaign. There is no sense how Laxmi will drive out with your sweeping. Ok, then call her again on Diwali.

14. Rivers Are Drying Because Of Kalyug


No pal, not at all!! Rivers are drying just because of climate change and the whole world is worried about it. This climate change is happening because of our actions only, and we still have a chance to mitigate it.

15. Women Are Impure During Their Menstrual Cycle

There can’t be anything more than this sentence to degrade women’s dignity. It’s just not a belief, it’s a shame that every Indian is carrying upon his shoulder while making this statement.  Grow up guys and raise your standard. It’s just nature’s rule and has nothing to do with purity or impurity.

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