Top 15 Beautiful Words We Need In English

Even though English has a vast collection of 180,000 words in its vocabulary, there are still some feelings that just fail to express. Here are some of the beautiful words that should be included in the English vocabulary.

Top 15 Beautiful Words We Need In English

1. Iktsuarpok

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This word in Inuit is one of those words experienced by everyone. It expresses that feeling when you are waiting for someone and keep checking on their arrival. It is a feeling of anticipation.

2. Komorebi

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This beautiful Japanese word refers to the sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees. This aesthetic sight of sunlight filtering through leaves is very magnanimous to feel.

3. Mangata

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This Swedish word is the one you must have experienced if you have ever been to a beach. The reflection of the moon on the surface of the water seems like a path and is called mangata.

4. Hiraeth

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Have you ever felt a little nostalgia but also longing for the past that you have lost? Or maybe the homesickness mixed with a strong yearning for the homeland? That is hiraeth.

5. Hyggelig

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This word looks like hugging and that is somewhat along the lines what it refers to. It refers to the cozy and intimate moment, i.e. like a warm winter evening in front of the fireplace with warm socks!

6. Ya’aburnee

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This Arabic word literally means “you bury me” which though sounds a little dark but has a sweet meaning. It refers that someone who is wishing for you to outlive them. It is painful and beautiful at the same time. It shows a person’s good wish for you to have a long life.

7. Toska

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It is a Russian word. It is explained in Lolita as well. It refers to the extreme pain and anguish which is often experienced without any specific cause.

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8. Firgun

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This is a Hebrew word which means the feeling of joy one might feel when something good happens to someone else. It is an unselfish and pure emotion of joy that is felt and experienced without any ulterior motive.

9. Shemomedjamo

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This word is for the foodies. When the meal is just so delicious that you just can’t stop eating even after your stomach is full, this feeling is known as shemomedjamo. It is a Georgian word.

10. Mamihlapinatapai

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The subtle glance that two people share when they both want something from the other that they both want but neither would do it, that is expressed in this twisting word of Yaghan language.

11. Gigil

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Have you ever felt the uncontrollable urge to play with someone’s cheeks or do ‘chuchiku’ when you find them to be unbelievably cute? That’s is called gigil. It is a Filipino word. It is an overwhelming feeling that rushes through us.

12. Pana Po’o

Pana Po'o
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Scratching your head, trying to remember something… Sounds familiar? That is pana po’o. It is a Hawaiian word which sounds hilarious.

13. Koi No Yokan

Koi No Yokan
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This absolutely adorable and swoon-worthy Japanese word means the unexplained feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time and feel that you both are going to fall in love.

14. Boketto

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The action of daydreaming or staring off in space vacantly while lost in some thought or just, you know, staring without realizing is called boketto. Japanese people understand well to name the important things in life.

15. Bilita Mpash

Bilita Mpash

It goes like this: night terrors, nightmares, dreams, good dreams and then comes bilita mpash, an amazing dream. It is a Bantu word.

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