Top 15 Stereotypes About Women That Prevail In The Indian Society

‘It’s a boy!’, says the nurse, and from that very moment, gender-based stereotyping begins. Rooms are decorated with superhero pictures, guns and cars are bought, but in the same place if the nurse says ‘It’s a girl!’, things tend to change from that minute -rooms are decorated with the supposed feminine color and pink dolls are bought for her. You must have heard that ‘Women are bad drivers,’ ‘All Women love shopping and Gossiping,’ etc. All this is nothing but the gender-based stereotypes which prevail in our Indian society and which must change. And the best way to bring change is by becoming aware of such biases and stereotypes prevalent in our community.

Top 15 Stereotypes About Women That Prevail In The Indian Society

1. Girls Are Less Interested In Science 

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It is a popular stereotype that girls do not take the science stream or are less interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). But do you know that most of the time, it’s not girls who opt out of STEM, but it’s the parental and family pressure of not studying further or completing it early? This stereotype must be changed so that more and more girls can pursue science.

2. Girls Like Pink Color

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You must have heard that pink is the favorite color of girls and blue is associated with boys, yet another stereotype. Originally blue was the color for girls as it was seen as more ‘dainty,’ and pink used to be associated with boys as it was seen as stronger color. This blue versus pink stereotype is just further driving this gender inequality.

3. Women Are Not As Smart As Men

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It’s a persistent gender bias that women are not as smart as men and are less likely to be hired for or seen as capable of handling ‘smart’ roles, like those commonly associated with technical fields. Men and Women are equally smart and hardworking.

4. Girls Are Not Good At Sports

Source: Feminism In India

In India, girls are considered weak in physical strength, and it’s a common stereotype that girls are not good at sports, but many examples can prove this wrong, like Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, Mary Kom, and the list goes on. These sportswomen have proved that girls are not only good at sports but winners of various national and international competitions as well.

5. Girls Are Not Good Drivers

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When we talk about driving, most will say that girls don’t know how to drive; they must stay at home. Still, the reality is that most of the accidents that happen while driving are because of either boys riding way too fast or drunk driving. But still, girls are said to be bad at driving because of the prevalent stereotype.

6. The Place Of Women Is In Kitchen

man cooking
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It is an old belief that women are good at housekeeping and all tasks in the kitchen, from cooking to washing utensils, but this is not true as men these days are equally good at housekeeping, cooking, and various other works at the kitchen and home.

7. Smoking For Women Is Injurious To Their Character

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Smoking is a big issue in India not only because of what harm it does to the body but when it comes to women, it is considered a sin. When a man buys a packet of cigarettes in public, he is not judged for it, but everyone around starts judging her when it’s a woman. This should not be done, and this perception should be changed too.

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8. Girl Child Is A Burden

Source: Film Is A Fine Affair 

In India, girls are considered to be a burden on parents. Instead of being educated, they are asked to learn household activities which they must know after marriage to serve their in-laws. This is an old belief that is changing day by day, but it is still prevalent in rural India.

9. Girls Are Married In Greed Of Dowry

Source: The Indian Scene

In India, girls are married in the greed of dowry, and if in case the bride’s family fails to fulfill the grooms’ demand, either they are divorced, or in some cases, brides are even tortured or murdered after marriage. This is a ridiculous stereotype where someone is killed just for money.

10. Girls Are More Emotional Than Boys

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It is a general perception that girls are more emotional than boys, and they start crying in tough situations. On the other hand, boys are supposed to be devoid of emotions and that they don’t cry, but that is not true as even boys cry; both are equally emotional.

11. Girls Cannot Travel Alone

Source: The Business Journals

Generally, parents do not allow their daughters to travel alone because of many reasons like safety, the top most reason, but there are many girl travel bloggers who manage traveling alone. Girls can also travel alone like boys, and they can be as independent as boys.

12. Women Should Not Get Into Politics

Indian women politicians
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In India, women are not supposed to enter Politics. Still, there are so many examples of successful women politicians like Late Indira Gandhi, Mamta Banerjee, Late Sushma Swaraj, and many more. Even some have held important positions like the Prime Minister and President of India in the past as well. All these women politicians have broken this stereotype by their leadership qualities.

13. Women Are To Be Blamed For Giving Birth To A Girl Child

Source: Community Health Network

Women are often blamed for giving birth to the girl child, but it’s because people don’t know that scientifically women are not responsible for sex determination. Instead, men are responsible for it. In some states of India, women are killed for giving birth to girl children due to this prevalent stereotype.

14. Girls Can’t Be Good Gamers

Source: World Economic Forum

When it comes to online games like PUBG, GTA, etc., it is a common stereotype that these games are not for girls. This is just based on the perception that girls prefer feminine games such as playing with dolls. But that is not right as today’s girls are equally interested in playing online games as much as boys do.

15. Women Are Dependent On Men

Source: Practical Happiness

From the very beginning, girls depend on their fathers as they make their career and marriage decisions. Later on, after marriage, their husband takes decisions, and after that, they depend on their son for it. Overall from birth to death, women are dependent on men, but this is not right. This is a stereotype because nowadays, girls are independent and can take their life decisions themselves without depending on anyone.

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