Top 15 Rare and Bizarre Medical Problems

The human body can be subject to various medical conditions. Most of them are curable, some of them are not, and out of all, a few of them are so bizarre that they surprise the whole medical system. Today we are going to discuss the Top 15 Strangest and Bizarre Medical Conditions that you should know about.

Top 15 Rare and Bizarre Medical Problems

1. Mysterious Intoxication

mysterious intoxication
Source: Science Alert

A man aged 46 years suffered from this weird medical condition for six years. The man said he never had alcohol in his entire life, but his medical reports found alcohol in his blood at a high level. The doctors thus concluded that his gut microbes caused this rare condition by making their own booze.

2. Alice In the Wonderland Syndrome

Alice in the wonderland syndrome
source: science abc

Yes, you read it right AIWS (Alice in wonderland syndrome) is actually the name of a medical disease. In this medical condition, the patient’s sensitivity to imagine things around him/her gets disturbed and see things bigger or smaller than their actual size. This condition is common in patients with migraine.

3. Pica

source: tots to teens

Pica is a compulsive eating disorder in which patients crave to eat non-food things like soap, chalk, and stone and can commonly be seen with children. Researchers said this disorder could be caused due to a lack of zinc and iron in the body.

4. Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis

Epidermodysplasia verruciformis
Source: Medsphere

EV, commonly known as Tree Man’s disease, is a rare skin condition transferred through genes. In this skin disorder, a small hard tree-like wart develops around the skin due to “human papillomavirus.” There is no treatment available to cure this disorder completely.

5. Hypertrichosis Lanuginosa Congenital

Hypertrichosis lanuginosa Congenital
Source: ibtimes

This medical condition is commonly known as “Werewolf Syndrome.” Excessive hair growth like the werewolf on the entire body is the most prominent symptom of this rare medical condition.

6. Blue Skin

blue skin
Source: Wired

If you are an X-Man Series fan, then try to remember “Mystique,” she is the best example of this medical condition. Blue skin Disorder or “Methemoglobinemia” is a body disorder caused by the overproduction of “methemoglobin,” and this hemoglobin results in blue skin.

7. Xeroderma Pigmentosum

xeroderma pigmentosum

This is a very rare skin disorder commonly known as Vampire Syndrome. Like Vampire stories, people with this skin disorder avoid going out in sunlight because direct contact with Sun’s UltraViolet rays with skin can cause skin cancer.

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8. Alien Hand Syndrome

alien hand syndrome
Source: Medium

Alien Hand Syndrome is a neurological disorder developed after a stroke or trauma. In this rare disorder, the person’s hand starts acting weird like another person was constraining it.

9. Aquagenic Urticaria

 Aquagenic Urticaria
Source: Health

Aquagenic Urticaria is a skin disorder in which a person’s skin is allergic to water if he/she has this disorder. It is impossible to believe that a person can be allergic to water, and if so, then how will they manage? Well, there are several therapies, medications, topical agents, and antihistamines to get through this bizarre medical condition.

10. Total Insomnia

total insomnia
Source: Sleep Council

Fatal Familial Insomnia is a genetic disorder starting with normal sleeplessness and finally leading to total insomnia. This disorder affects a person both mentally and physically.

11. Congenital Insensitivity To Pain With Anhidrosis

Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis
Source: YouTube

CIPA is a rare, famous, and fascinating medical disorder where the person cannot feel any sensation or pain. Well, sounds fascinating? You might think that this is a superpower and not some disorder, but in reality, this is a deadly disorder.

12. Eat To Death

Source: NPR

Most people use this phrase to show their love for food, but do you know that “Prader-Willi Syndrome” is among one of the rarest disorders in which a person feels hungry all the time and can literally eat constantly.

13. Munchausen Syndrome

Munchausen syndrome
Source: Healthline

Have you heard the famous case of “Gypsy”? If yes, then you can relate easily. In this mental disorder, parents (mostly mothers) intentionally show that their child is sick just to gain sympathy.

14. Syndrome X

Source: Your Genome

Syndrome X is a rare disorder of genes in which a person stops aging after a certain age. It was observed by the researchers that the suffering person was not able to grow both physically and mentally after a certain age (mostly in childhood).

15. Dancing Plague

dancing plague
Source: Curiosmos

Dancing Plague or Dancing Mania can be traced back to the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries. According to archives, people started dancing on their own and stopped only after exhaustion and collapse.

These 15 Medical Problems, disorders, conditions prove that our body is a combination of bones, flesh, and some other mysterious things. Even though our medical science is so advanced now, such bizarre medical problems still surprise us and medical science. 

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