Top 15 Evening Snack Ideas

Don’t know what to serve for today’s evening snack? No worry, here are some amazing snack ideas that you would love to cook and have. These snack ideas are quite nutritious and healthy to have. Moreover, they are much delicious and you can happily relish on them, stress freely. So, let’s get started.

Top 15 Evening Snack Ideas

1. Potato shots

These potato shots would be a hit when served as a evening snack. These small, cheesy balls are not only tasty but also has a good amoung of protein in it. You can serve them to your guests and they would surely love it.

2. Til papdi

This is a healthier version that you can have when you are craving for some sweets. Til papdi is an amazing source of protein and has very less calories in it. These are mostly made up of roasted til, jaggery, dry fruits and nuts. Do try this at home and share with your friends and family.

3. Bagel

This is a kind of bread roll that was specially originated from Jewish community. These are roughly hand sized ring made from yeasted wheat dough. This dough is first boiled for sometime and then baked.

4. Salted foxnut

Also known as makhana, this provides you a healthier option of evening snack idea. All you need to do is just roast a handful of makhanas and add salt to it.

5. Onion rings

Guests surprise you and don’t know what to serve? Then this recipe would be a saviour for you. To prepare this dish, you would need some onions cut into rings, some spices, corn flour and olive oil. Onion rings could be one of the best evening snack idea to have with your cup of tea and enjoy the sunset.

6. Cheese bread roll

Hopping on some healthy cheese bread roll in rainy evening has a quite separate fan base. To prepare this dish, you would need whole wheat bread, some cottage cheese and your favourite toppings. You can use olive oil for this dish and it’s taste won’t change.

7. Masala puff rice

This is an easier and tastier snack that you can have to calm your evening craving. To prepare thus dish, you would need a bowl of puffed rice, add chopped onion, coriander, spices like aamchur powder, chilli powder, salt and some jeera powder. It has very less calorie and would keep you full.

8. Cheese bread

Bored of having the regular bread? Try this snack and you would fall in love with it. All you need is few pieces of bread, a cube of cheese, some chilli flakes and salt. This is quite easy to make, yet high on taste. This dish would be a hit among your friends and family.

9. Oats and nuts bar

This nutritious and healthy evening snack would definitely make your day. Oats not only keeps you healthy but also makes you feel full. Nuts are a good source of protein and quite nutritious. One bar of this healthy snack would definitely hit your taste bud and keep you active.

10. Methi pakora

Methi pakora is a delicious snack that is made from methi leaves, gram flour and some Indian spices. They are quite healthy and tasty, as well. To make it more healthier, you can prepare these pakoras from olive oil.

11. Masala idli shots

You must have tried idlis but have you ever tried masala idli shots?? If no, then what are you waiting for. These idli shots are made by pan frying some left over idlis cut into small pieces, add some spices and a teaspoon of oil. Now, serve them to your family and enjoy with them.

12. Spicy paniyaram

This healthy snack is quite easy to make and delicious in taste. Love to have some spicy snack, then this one is for you. To prepare this dish, you would need

13. Vegetable cutlet

This snack has a lot of veggies in it which makes it healthy and nutritious. It is made with very less oil or can be airfryed, too. You can use any seasonal veggies of your choice, some spices, gram flour to bind the veggies and few drops of oil.

14. Toast sandwich

This is the easiest snack that you could prepare. You need to have some whole wheat bread, toast them with olive oil and add your favourite chopped veggies, some hung curd for dressing and top the sandwich with some cottage cheese. This snack is high in protein and veggies provide you other nutrition.

15. Sprout n’ nut chaat

This chaat is a mix of healthy ingredients. You would need various sprouts, soaked overnight, some handful of boiled or airfried ground nut, almond add pista. Add some chopped onion, tomato, cucumber, some seasoning and a few drops of lemon. Your tasty chaat is ready to be served.

These were some tasty and healthy evening snack recipes you would love to eat and share. Do try them at home and share your experience with us. Til then, bye bye!

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