Top 15 Creepy Facts That Will Chill You To The Bone!

We all love to know about facts in general, but some truths might be surprising to the human ear. One thing known about facts is that they help in boosting our knowledge but what if these facts send a shiver down our spine?

This article has the top 15 creepy facts that will chill you to the bone!

1. The Skin Book

Books are something that we all have. There are different covers for different books. Some have paperbacks, and some are bound in hardcovers. One creepy fact that made its way into the area of books is very shocking. In 2014, at Harvard, two books were bound using human skin.

2. The Belize Cave

There is a cave in Belize called Actun Tunichil Munkal, where one can see the remains of ancient Maya human sacrifices. To witness it, one has to swim in, go through a cave river and crawl through the dark. It is a cramped and uneven rocky type of way that leads to the back of the cave system. One can walk among the corpses of sacrificed victims, including the crystal maiden, an 18-year-old whose skeleton is so calcified that it sparkles.

3. Edward’s Skull

This is the skull of Edward Mordrake, who was a man born with something abnormal and what may sound creepy. He possessed a second face on the back of his head. The second face could not speak full words, but this second face could cry, laugh, and make weird sounds without the control of Edward. It is reported that Edward asked the doctors to have his “demon face” removed as he stated that this second face of his would whisper to him horrible things at night. He committed suicide at 23.

4. The Doctors Trial

Many trials have been performed by doctors for ages, but it may come as a creepy shock that until the year 1986, the doctors did not think babies could feel pain, and so to prove this, they performed open-heart surgery on babies without giving them anesthesia.

5. The Gaze

Many times one suddenly feels like one is being watched, and we think we are, without reason, stressing over this thing. It might come as a shock; however, the human brain has a primal gaze detection system that is inbuilt, and this system can sense without much difficulty when someone is looking straight at you.

6. Scary Token Of Love

Mary Shelley was the writer of Frankenstein, the foremost gothic novel and a work of inspiration for several other works in the genre of horror. Her works often contain elements of tragedy, betrayal, and isolation. Death is a prominent theme in most of her works. This author kept the heart of her dead husband and carried it with her for almost thirty years until she died in 1851. It was found after a year on her desk.

7. Charles’s Dead Body’s Mystery

After the body of the famous writer, Charles De’ LeBrann, was found missing, the police went to find him and found a blood trail leading to a completely dead end. The police later found notes with an address, and the location mentioned was an abandoned land with a secret cabin. The police headed down to find the writer sitting in a chair that was also dead. His body was full of maggots, his left eye was torn out, and his right eye was stitched with a fake doll eye; as the body was taken out of the cabin, it broke into small pieces, and a note fell out, “you’ll never find his body.”

8. The Death Connection

Two women who were born on the same day but 157 days apart died on the same day. They both did the same things that are – they met with a friend, put on a new dress, and met their killers. They were killed the same way, in the same spot. Both the men also have the same name Thornton, who had killed them.

9. Bloody Mind

In the year 1991, strange news revolving around Marc Quinn gained momentum in Britain. The British artist called Marc Quinn did something no one could ever digest. He collected four liters of his blood and poured it into a cast of his head, and then, later on, he froze it. He called this an artistic piece and named it “self.”

10. The Irish Mystery

This is one of the most terrifying mysteries in the whole of Europe. On October 9th, 1976, a town in Ireland had an unusual fog sweeping around at around 7:00 in the evening. The fog left by morning time, but there were around sixty reported sightings of the undead at night. Police believed most of them were pranks. Strangely, police found the local graveyard graves dug up.

11. The Haunted Tunnel

The Sensabaugh tunnel, which is located in Tennessee, is known to all its locals as a place of great evil. Many horrifying incidents have been recorded in this tunnel. It is believed to be a place of various child murders; people report hearing screams and footprints, as well as the wailing of a baby.

12. Ping-pong Stare

This is one interesting fact that might not be known to all. If you tape two halves of a ping-pong ball to your eyes and stare at a red light while listening to white noise, you will have complex and vivid hallucinations for a brief moment.

13. The Creepy House

The John Lawson house is something that is talked about often, and the mystery arising from it is known to most of America. It is indeed the creepiest house in America. No one is aware of who lives there except the mannequins that are seen there, often moving around and changing clothing on their own.

14. The Basement

Benjamin Franklin is a very great figure of importance. He was a writer, publisher, political philosopher, and diplomat. Many things are known about him, but one thing that might come as a creepy shock is that when Benjamin Franklin’s London house was renovated in 1998, approximately ten bodies dating back to the time he lived were found in the basement. Studies suggest that these bodies were most likely specimens his friend William Hewson had stolen from the graves to study anatomy.

15. The Running TV

In 2006, strange news attracted the attention of the masses. It was reported that a woman was found in her apartment situated in London, skeletonized, and after exactly three years of being dead, it was really strange that the TV was still running with screaming voices coming out of it.

So these were some creepy, bone-chilling facts. Hope they didn’t terrify you much?

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