Top 15 Myths About Periods

Periods are not just a ‘female problem’; it is a human health issue. It is a very natural process that the female body has to go through. Not all women need to go through menstruation in their lives. Periods and myths go hand in hand, and there are a whole lot of myths revolving around women and their menstrual cycles. Though this health issue is talked about very little, the confusion regarding it should be cleared.

Here are the top 15 myths about periods that are just stupid:

1. Not entering kitchen

It is quite common in India as well as in many foreign places. You cannot enter the kitchen or prepare food for someone as you are considered to be “impure” during your periods. It is also believed that when a menstruating girl enters a kitchen, it is regarded as an ill omen.

2. You shouldn’t bathe or shower with hot water as it may cause the flow to increase.

Don’t listen to them. Go bathe and relish yourself in that hot, bubbly water. It helps with the cramps.

3. No baby contact

It is a superstitious belief that while a girl is on her period, she should have less contact with the baby. In Bolivia, women, while menstruating, are advised not to cradle their babies. It is another myth that those women who come in contact with babies, in general, shall put them in danger and make them prone to several diseases.

4. Not washing hair

Another myth that revolves around periods is that washing one’s hair should be avoided. Some people also believe that while on period, one should not cut one’s hair.

5. Sharks and bears can smell your blood and will attack you.

There is literally no data supporting this. It was perhaps created by people who have watched too many Hollywood movies.

6. Washing your hair will cause decreased flow and hence, infertility.

On the contrary, there is also the myth that you must wash your hair on the first day to purify yourself. Which, when you think about it, has no scientific basis.

7. Using tampons or menstrual cups will break your hymen.

The hymen is nothing but a social construct that has no effect on your health.

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8. Can’t eat certain foods

Menstruation causes an imbalance of taste in women, thus making them unable to make sushi. One should also not make mayonnaise during periods as that may cause curdling.

I cannot think how they came up with this.

9. Women going through periods are not allowed in places of worship.

As mentioned before, we women are thought to be impure during our periods. Thus, not worthy of going to a temple.

10. One shouldn’t have sex while on period as it may infect and cause death in men.

For fear of pregnancy, having unprotected sex is perfectly viable. But an infection in men? That’s bogus.

11. Pads should be hidden and disposed of separately from other trash.

Will the stigma ever die?

12. Menstruating people shouldn’t touch the vegetables before or during the pickling process, or they will not pickle.

Plus, you can’t touch flowers as that might kill them. The same goes for touching cows. If you touch a cow during periods, it may turn infertile.

13. You must wash or bury the clothes or pads that you use during periods to avoid being haunted by a ghost or spirit.

I so wish I was making this up, but this exists, sadly.

14. You should not eat edibles like curd, pickle, or tamarind as it may affect your flow and cause infertility later in life.

Aam ka achaar? Not during periods, yaar!

15. Wash your face with the menstrual blood of your first period.

This gives you clear skin. Yeah, right! Gross doesn’t begin to cover it.

Yes, we have a long way to go as a society. Some of these are funny but, at the same time, sad. Thus, it’s always better to get educated from the right sources.

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