Top 15 Unusual Theme Parks Around The World

Amusement parks serve us a great deal, from their thrilling rides to their designs and themes; everything is loved not just by kids but also by adults. Here are some unique and unusual theme parks around the world that have taken the meaning of fun to a whole another level.

Top 15 Unusual Theme Parks Around The World

1. Diggerland, England

Theme Parks Around the World
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Diggerland in England is quite an unusual and unique theme park with its theme revolving around construction machinery. From a giant JCB to a digger bucket, this place has it all. It provides kids the chance to drive and operate real diggers! Of course, with safety measures. Zooming in and out in a cool JCB sounds fun right, but hold on, because it is more challenging than you think.

2. Bon-bon Land, Denmark

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Bon-bon land in Denmark derives all its fame from its theme that is, well, gross. Here you will find rides like vomiting rats, urinating ants, and even a dog fart roller coaster. This may or may not sound appealing to the adults, but it is definitely like Christmas came early for kids. Many equally gross water rides are also very famous, and needless to say, make a great tourist attraction.

3. Santa Park, Finland

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In Finland, Santa Park may not strictly be a theme park, but it is surely unusual enough to make it to our list. Adults or kids— who doesn’t love Santa Claus?! And if there was a whole park dedicated to him, who wouldn’t want to visit? Santa Park is built in a network of caves that are underground. It has an elf school, a magical sleigh ride, an ice prince gallery, Mrs. Claus’s gingerbread kitchen completed with angry birds activity park. Now we know what Santa does the rest of the year.

4. Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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If you love adventurous rides, you have surely heard about the fastest roller coaster globally – Formula Rossa, well, Ferrari World is its home. Ferrari World has more than 20 Ferrari themed rides, including Nello, the Ferrari that plunges straight into the ocean, jumps over cliffs, and even strolls through ice caves. There is also a Ferrari driving school where kids learn to pilot a mini F1 racer.

5. Harmonyland, Japan

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Do your kids like Hello Kitty? If the answer is yes (and it is bound to be yes), then there is no better theme park than the Harmonyland of Japan. Kids can enjoy the 60 ft high Ferris wheel ride to sneak a look at Beppu Bay. They can take photos with Hello Kitty in her very own Kitty Castle. Besides the Kitty wonders, many other fun rides and boat adventures also attract the tourists.

6. Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin, Australia

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Imagine if you were forced to tackle crocodiles in an apocalypse; wouldn’t it be the scariest thing? As they say, it is best to be prepared. Well, get prepared because Crocosaurus Cove in Australia allows you to feed fully grown crocodiles, and you can also stroke the little ones. And you must have surely heard of ‘the cage of death,’ which is one of its kind. You are put into an enclosed tank with crocodiles for 15 minutes, and you also get to feed them (just make sure it is not one of your limbs.)

7. Hacienda Nápoles Puerto Triunfo, Colombia

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Hacienda Nápoles is a theme park built on Pablo Escobar’s mansion, one of the most world-famous drug lords. It is now a famous tourist attraction and has a zoo, a ring for bullfighting, and the car collection of the smuggler himself. It is perfectly designed to allow the tourists a glimpse of the cocaine king’s earlier life.

8. Phantasialand, Germany

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At Phantasialand, 6 themed islands with their wonders for all age groups are present. From terrifyingly speedy roller coasters to gentle rides, you’ll get a taste of everything housed in one theme park. It is =home to the fastest multi-launch coaster globally and has the world’s biggest family boomerang. Maus au Chocolat, a 3D effect ride, is also very popular.

9. Dwarf Empire Kunming, China

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As it is obvious from its name, the Dwarf Empire of Kunming, China, is a theme park full of little people who entertain the visitors with their dance shows in little, colorful mushroom houses twice a day. The place is a huge attraction for tourists and even locals; it is jammed pack throughout the year.

10. Huis Ten Bosch, Japan

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Huis Ten Bosch is a quaint Dutch town remake in Japan. It has similar winding canals, beautiful gardens, and huge windmills. Like the Tulip Festival, events similar to a Dutch town are organized where more than seven hundred species of tulips are displayed. A capsule hotel that stays afloat is also a great sight.

11. Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, Florida, USA

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Weeki Wachee Spring State Park in Florida is a mermaid dream come true for kids who love Merpeople, specifically Disney’s Ariel. The theme park has many mermaid shows, the most famous being ‘The Little Mermaid.’ The children especially love fun boat rides like kayaks and paddleboard. The performers dressed as mermaids are trained professionals and put people in awe by performing tricks like eating and drinking underwater.  

12. Suoi Tien Park, Vietnam

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Suoi Tien Park in Vietnam is decorated with Vietnamese history; from Ferris wheels to roller coaster, everything seems unusually aesthetic. Buddhism is also a major part of this park. There are Buddha statues, temples, and even a wishing tree. Its most appealing feature is the crocodile farm with over 1,500 crocodiles that tourists can feed.

13. Parque Jaime Duque, Colombia

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Parque Jaime Duque, Colombia, is a theme park that houses the replicas of world-famous monuments like the seven wonders of the ancient worlds, huge dinosaurs sculptures, medieval castles, bumper cars, etc. The park promises fun family time and can also help children gain knowledge regarding ancient times.

14. Republic of the Children La Plata, Argentina

The Republic of the Children in la Plata, Argentina, is basically a city shrunk to kiddie-size. The theme park has its own airport, church, restaurants, hotels, and even a court. It is a mini-city for children to visit and have fun. Walt Disney himself got the idea for Disneyland after visiting this theme park.

15. Bakken, Denmark

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Bakken in Denmark is the world’s oldest amusement park, with its roots going back to 1583. Its main attraction is the wooden roller coaster built in the 1920s. Other fun old-school activities and unique Danish food make this park a major tourist attraction.

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