Top 15 Essential Oils For Health Purposes

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The Egyptians and the Greeks used essential oils in their lifestyles, which contribute significantly to the everyday day health science mechanism. ‘Quintessential’ is what describes best the use of essential oils. After reading this article you will be making a run to your departmental store to bag all these tiny bottles of essential oils. After all, if you have a first aid box at your home, you should also and always have a box full of essential oils to shape your life healthy!

Top 15 Essential Oils For Health Purposes

1. Rose


Often regarded as the queen of essential oils, it is known for its working as an antidepressant. Using this for reducing your stress is the best thing you can do after a hectic day at work.

2. Lavender


Be it acne, skin rashes, insect bites, burns etc. this essential oil serves you with everything you need to resolve. Lavender essential oil is used in aromatherapy. It promotes relaxation and placates anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc.

3. Tea Tree

Tea Tree

“A medicine cabinet in a bottle”, is what accurately explains the tea tree essential oil. They can be used for nearly all common ailments. Hence, no doubt that this becomes your favourite essential oil.

4. Lemon


This essential oil is a toolbox for a homemaker. Its aromatherapeutic uses include reducing stress, elevating mood, promoting weight loss, ease pain, etc.

5. Peppermint


It is often used with a carrier oil for treating stomach aches. So the next time you have that last slice of pizza even when your stomach is yelling not to, treat yourself with a peppermint essential oil massage with a carrier oil.

6. Eucalyptus


The scent of this oil is all heaven when you are suffering from the bad flu. It alleviates respiratory problems and gives comfort from pain.

7. Clove


This is the dentist at your house only if you have a bottle of it. It treats your toothaches, gum sores, and all that came from having those sweet savouries and not brushing your teeth.

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8. Chamomile


It is mainly used as a skin oil for healing boils, dry skin, eczema, dermatitis, bee and wasp stings, cuts, and nearly all your skin ailments. This one is surely good to keep while travelling. It treats indigestion and promotes sleep.

9. Frankincense


Some people use this oil to treat a migraine. But, it is also a great disinfectant and good skincare oil. It has also got other homecare uses. It helps in improving concentration and memory.

10. Grapefruit


Out of deodorants? No worries, essential oils are here to your rescue. Add a drop of grapefruit essential oil to baking soda and water, and then apply it by using cotton balls. Your instant deodorants are good to go.

11. Oregano


Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, antiseptic properties and the list goes on to prove to you how good is this essential oil for home and self-use.

NOTE: pregnant ladies should avoid using this oil and this oil should never be used without diluting.

12. Neroli


Neroli has significant uses in reducing stress. It is used to relieve menopause issues and reducing blood pressure in postmenopause.

13. Geranium


All the beautiful ladies out there here is your solution to wrinkle-free skin. Just two drops of geranium essential oil to your daily lotion and you are gifted with tight facial skin.

14. Clary Sage

Clary Sage

Clary sage is used as an antidepressant and an anti-inflammatory product. It improves digestion and circulation. It cures skin rashes and strengthens muscles.

15. Cypress


Cypress essential oil has the power to stop excess blood flow. Therefore, it is regarded as beneficial for blood clotting. It has a diuretic property; it helps to flush toxins out of the body.

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