Top 15 Food Items For Diabetic Patients That Are Healthy

It hurts very hard when you like a dish and cannot eat it just because of a health problem. This is the dilemma of all the sweet-dish lover diabetic patients. Around 85% of people suffering from diabetes are sweet food lovers. Hence, some food items for diabetic patients prove to be problematic for their health.

However, there are ways to deal with it in a healthy and tasty manner. You can eat simple and tasty food to get rid of your diabetes. To help you out, we have brought a list of top 15 food items for diabetic patients that prove to be healthy for them.

Top 15 Food Items For Diabetic Patients That Are Healthy

1. Milk

Top 15 food items that are good for diabetic patients - Milk

Milk is the only food item that improves your bone and cures your diabetes too. It contains lots of carbohydrates and proteins. This regulates your blood sugar levels. But make sure you do not put extra sugar into it.

2. Almond


Almond is a good source of protein that makes it beneficial for diabetic patients. It stabilizes the blood sugar level and helps in weight loss.

3. Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is different from black tea due to the antioxidants present in it. Diabetics must drink a cup or two of green tea as it regulates sugar levels. This is a good opportunity for tea lovers to switch over green tea and improve their health.

4. Fish


Diabetic patients are at a high risk of suffering from heart disorders. Fishes like salmon, sardines, and mackerel are a good source of omega fatty acids that keep the heart-healthy. Therefore, fish helps in preventing the consequences of diabetes.

5. Green Vegetables

Green vegetables

You cannot miss the importance of the greeny crunchy veggies when it comes to being healthy. In addition to the existing attributes, green vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants that do not allow the blood sugar levels to go high.

6. Cinnamon


Who can think of a little tiny grain that regulates diabetes? To all of our surprise, it is possible because of the great cinnamon. It might look like a regular spice but has hidden nutrients. Every grain of cinnamon contains antioxidants that improve insulin sensitivity.

7. Eggs


One less important reason behind acquiring diabetes lies in the eating pattern. When you eat food with more sugar and fewer nutrients, your tummy does not feel full quickly. Instead, it thrives for more. But an egg is believed to satisfy both your tummy and its nutrient requirements.

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8. Greek Yogurt

 Greek Yogurt

The high calcium content of the Greek yogurt helps you to achieve a low weight target. Since it is a light dairy product, a diabetic patient can enjoy it daily to regulate the sugar levels.  

9. Tomato Juice

Tomato Juice

The red and juicy tomato juice can help you lower your diabetes level to a certain extent. Unlike other artificial juice, it does not contain carbohydrates or starch. This thins the blood and reduces clotting.  

10. Turmeric


The yellow spice has many hidden secrets in its powder. The main component of turmeric i.e. curcumin lowers inflammation which regulates the blood sugar levels.

11. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the best way to eat healthy diabetes free sugar. This product comes to rescue for diabetes patients due to less carbohydrate value. The vinegar is actually formed by fermenting the fruit. The final product so formed contains acetic acid that lowers the sugar levels and improves insulin sensitivity.

12. Drumsticks Leaves

Drumsticks leaves

The plant of drumstick leaves is many times called the miracle tree. The leaves are rich in antioxidants which makes it suitable for diabetes control. It has anti-inflammatory properties that increase insulin secretion. 

13. Garlic


Garlic is a herb that adds a pleasant smell or taste in you’re your favorite dish. And, it is important to note that the small pieces of garlic improve your diabetes too. The herb has a perfect balance of carbohydrates and calories. It helps in lowering the harmful sugar levels.

14. Flax Seeds

Flax Seeds

The tiny flax seeds are found to be highly beneficial for people dealing with high sugar levels. The seeds are rich in fiber and minerals thus making it effective for improving gut health. Regular consumption of these seeds can even reduce the medication as its nutrients prevent clotting and reduce heart risks.

15. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

People suffering from type-2 diabetes are highly advised to eat antioxidant-rich food. Because it improves the vessel lining and reduces inflammation. One such best source of antioxidants in extra virgin olive oil. It contains oleic acid and hence reduce the sugar levels.

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