Top 15 Interesting Ways To Wear A Scarf

A scarf is a minimalist yet important fashion clothing item. It can be styled in versatile ways and that’s the beauty of it. It can be used over dresses, formal styles, or neutral clothing. Hence, it is time to take out your favourite scarf from your wardrobe and try out these interesting styles.

Top 15 Interesting Ways To Wear A Scarf

1. The Basic Loop

modern one loop
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The one-loop method is not difficult. You simply wear the scarf around the neck. Then circle the longer end to the front. Then loop the longer end by tucking it. It is a super-easy way to wear it and in its simplicity, it also elevates fashion.

2. The Waterfall Scarf

The Waterfall Scarf
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As the name suggests, you let the scarf fall over the frontal body just like a waterfall. You start by putting one-third part of a scarf around the neck. You drape one more time and then take one corner of the loose part and tuck it around the neck. This is similar to the celebrity look, except there are no knots.

3. The Belted

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This new method is a trend-setter in the fashion industry. You do not have to work too much to get this right. Drape the scarf properly around the neck, put in front with a belt around it and voila, there it is. In addition, you get a completely new dress.

4. The Infinity Scarf

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Tie the ends of the scarf together and form a loop. Place it on your neck and twist it in a middle, putting it over your head. It becomes ringed shaped as shown in the picture. The good part about this one is that you can try different styles with it, such as single loop, shawl loop, double or triple loop, etc.

5. The European Loop

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This fashionable look is famous among celebrities. It is also referred to as the Parisian Knot. You hold both ends of the scarf in one hand and create a hoop. Then place the hoop on one shoulder and the ends at the other, and pull the ends through the hoop, and finally, you get this look.

6. The Pretzel Knot

The Pretzel Knot
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The Pretzel knot is very unique in style and isn’t difficult to wear. The first step is the same as the European look. After you create a hoop, you take one end and tuck in the hoop. Then you cross the other end over the hoop. Once done, you tuck the second end into the hoop and pull it out while tightening the knot.

7. The Choker

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This look is intriguing with a touch of sophistication. Fold your favourite scarf in half and then drape it around your neck. If it is long, then wrap it twice. Take one end and pass it through the hoop. Then form a knot to tighten it at the side of the neck.

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8. Modern One Loop

The Basic Loop
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It enhances the style quotient with its simplicity. It also does not involve much work. Put your scarf around the neck with one side longer than the other. Take that longer end and circle the neck and bring it to the front.

9. Loose Headwrap

Loose Headwrap Scarf
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It gives a traditional look to the wearer, but don’t underestimate the style. There are different ways to do headwrap and in different styles. The easiest way is to put it over your head and toss one side to your opposite shoulder. Another one includes covering your head and tying a knot at the rear side to tighten it on the end.

10. Half Bow Knot

 Half Bow Knot
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To all bow-lovers, you will like this style. Grap your scarf and wrap it around your neck evenly. Form a loose knot at one side and push the other length (folded in half) through that knot. Then tighten the knot.

11. The Wrap

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This is a simple way to wear a scarf. You need to open your scarf completely and cover your shoulders. Then toss one side of it to the other shoulder. People wear this style to feel warm during winters.

12. One Shoulder Toss

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Are you late for work or a movie and don’t have time to drape a scarf in a different style? Then this style is perfect for you. Take the long one and hold it around the neck and toss one side of it over your shoulder. There you go!

13. The Turtleneck

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The turtleneck style matches any form of clothing, whether it is a dress, an oversized t-shirt, or over a blazer, it complements the style. Hold the scarf around your neck, while keeping the ends in the front. Keep one end a little longer and wrap it around the neck until a small part remains. Then tie the ends with one another and hide the knots under it.

14. The Ponytail Wrap-around

The Ponytail Scarf
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This chick-lit hairstyle surely gives happy feels. It is a time saver as you don’t have to juggle it. Tie your hair in a ponytail. Hold your scarf below and tie a single knot around the ponytail and let the ends hang.

15. The Bow-Tie

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This is a classy look for the people who love to make bows. The process is not as difficult as it looks in the picture. Choose your favourite scarf and put it around your neck. Then make a simple bow like you tie the shoelaces.

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