Top 15 Promises That Are Relatable In Life

Why do we make a promise? What happens if you break one? The answer is not known. Promises are the pure vows made between two human beings. Also, do not forget the silent promises we make to ourselves. Not all promises are serious. Some have a fun touch too. What if these promises turn out to be the next episode of a comedy show? We will find out soon. 

Top 15 Promises That Are Relatable In Life

1. I will pay next time!

I will pay next time!
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Next time your friend says this, either he is bluffing, or he genuinely decides to pay. If he did pay, then heaven bless that soul. Every group has a friend who bluffs when it’s his turn to pay. It is his comic explanation that gathers undying laughter from his friends. Aren’t our lives filled with these souls, when it is their turn, postpone paying their share? 

2. I will reach in five minutes!

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Punctuality is not in their blood, so they have proved it. But we love these people. Their exaggeration of the situation makes your blood boil like lava, yet at the same time, it makes you laugh uncontrollably. These are the golden memories we never forget. 

3. I will never leave you!

I will never leave you!
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Be it the love of your life or your best friend we encounter this promise in unexpected ways. Some keep their promises, some drift apart due to work, while some disappear like a breeze from our life, leaving behind only the promise. A laugh escapes from our mouths when we reminisce about this event.

4. I will study next semester!

I will study next semester!
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We all feel the pain; We are into this together. This is a generalized statement retorted by the student whose exams went haywire. The following day finds us in endless prayers or bribery to God. Can we be blamed for this? Come on, we will study next semester!

5. I will cook for you!

I will cook for you!
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Before promising, think for thousand times. If you are a chef or love to prepare food,      you will enjoy cooking for your loved ones. Otherwise, make sure you already have your favourite restaurant’s number on speed dial. It’s okay people! Not everyone loves to cook! 

6. I will give my birthday party!

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Gone are those days when throwing an extravagant birthday party was a thing. These days people suffice over a happy birthday text. In today’s time, the definition of a birthday party has changed into dinner or drink party. A miser person will always look for a way to escape. But some people like to spend their birthdays in their way.    

7. I will not drink anymore!

I will not drink anymore!
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You must not disrespect the godly drink. A promise made in a haste ends up into another broken promise. It is comical when people say ‘I am not going to drink anymore’. Some have a strong conviction, and they stop drinking, but the others are still on the road, getting there slowly.

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8. I will not cry for him!

I will not cry for him!
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Every girl promised her best friend that she would not. But the tear-stained face next morning told the story differently. Hey girl, it’s okay to cry, but not too much. Just in case, be ready with a box of tissues and your favourite food. It would come in handy.  

9. I will fulfil my New Year’s Resolutions!

I will fulfil my New Year Resolutions!
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We are seriously conditioned to laugh at this one. It’s only the first three days (or till a week?) we remember the resolutions that we made. And the rest is history! Many people post stories on Instagram or make a pact about fulfilling these resolutions. Not always they are completed.

10. I will call you back!

I will call you back!
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Some people are busy. They forget to revert amid their work. On the contrary, some people straight away forget to call back. They need to start eating almonds so that they won’t forget this thing. 

11. I will wake up early!

I will wake up early!
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We will prefer shutting off that alarm rather than waking up. Every college going student is aware of this fact that they will never wake up early. We don’t know about the promise, but we might request God to dismantle or better, vanish all the alarms from the world. Right?   

12. I will save my money!

I will save my money!
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How many times do we tell ourselves this? Infinite? And how many times do we do it? Maybe a few times? But this conquest of achieving promise seems difficult. The only measure you can take is to sew your money pocket. That would help to some extent. I am not at all kidding!

13. I will do my laundry! 

I will do my laundry!
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Thanks to technology. We have a washing machine to do our labour work. Nevertheless, some people still find it difficult to do the laundry at once. When is this going to happen? Not even God knows! The clothes would rather pile up on ‘the chair’.

14. I will follow a diet plan!

I will follow a diet plan!
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If you are a gourmand, forget it! Following a diet plan should not be on the list. It is so difficult not having to taste your favourite delicious food. Especially, those yummy chicken wings, delicious cheesecake, crunchy nachos, a jaw-dropping mac n cheeseburger, or your favourite fries! 

15. I will not laugh in serious situations!

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This is a serious lie. We are familiar with situations like vivas in our college. It was a difficult task to maintain a straight, composed, and serious face and the hardship it required was too much. People still studying in college, all the best!

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