Top 15 Meaningful Tattoos To Get ASAP

The only constant is change. Our life is like a roller coaster ride; there ought to be ups and downs. When everything seems to go wrong, we need a daily reminder, something that tells us not to lose hope. And what’s better than getting a tattoo that has a special meaning attached to it and reminds us daily of the beautiful life we live? From being seen as a symbol of juveniles to a fashion symbol, tattoos have come a long way.

If you’re interested in getting inked but don’t know which design to go for, then here is a list of the top 15 meaningful tattoos:

1. Ampersand Tattoo

The symbol of ampersand represents broken infinity. It will constantly remind you that nothing lasts forever. Whatever it is, good or bad, it will end eventually because there is always an ‘and’ in life.

2. Semicolon Tattoo

A semicolon tattoo is extremely popular as it stands for mental illness. It symbolizes the fact that your story could have ended, but it didn’t. It’s a constant reminder to prioritize your mental health.

3. Lotus Tattoo

A lotus is the only flower that is aware of the term struggle. It grows in muddy water but still maintains its purity. Hence, this tattoo is especially for those who want to honor their struggling period.

4. Lotus With Your Favorite Quote Tattoo

If there would have been no struggle in life, then there would have been no fun in living that life. Each struggle teaches us something new. People can pair up the lotus tattoo with their favorite quote to make it more personal.

5. An Arrow Tattoo

Just like an arrow that gets launched off to kill an enemy, it’s our job to remember that whenever life tries to pull us back, it’s only us who can launch into something better. Thus, an arrow represents protection from all that is negative.

6. An Arrow On Finger Tattoo

If you want to opt for a smaller tattoo, then you can get an arrow on the side of your finger. Finger tattoos are pretty unique in terms of placement and act as a tiny reminder to keep away from negative thoughts.

7. ‘Nirbhau’ and ‘Nirvair’ Tattoo

Within Sikh understanding, the two terms’ Nirbhau’ and ‘Nirvair’ mean ‘without fear’ and ‘without hate.’ This tattoo ought to remind you to be courageous and kind to others and yourself. It’ll help you pull yourself in life and stay away from negative vibes.

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8. ‘Still I Rise’ Tattoo

Maya Angelou, a famous American poet and Civil Rights Activist, gave the quote ‘Still I Rise.’ This phrase will be your best friend on the worst days and will always push you to do better because losing hope is not an option.

9. ‘Maktoob’ Tattoo

The word ‘Maktoob’ in Arabic means ‘It’s Written.’ Everything in this world is destined to happen. If you hate a certain aspect of your life, remember it was all written, and nothing could have changed it. The bad phase is just the beginning of a good phase.

10. ‘Mind Over Matter’ Tattoo

This is a minimalist tattoo that can give you inspiration for a lifetime. This simple tattoo basically means that everybody should try to navigate through the troubling matters in their life with the help of their mind.

11. Inguz Tattoo

Who thought such a small and simple tattoo could possess such a huge meaning within it? The Viking symbol ‘Inguz’ means ‘where there is a will, there is a way.’ This tattoo represents determination and hard work, which are the two most important elements in anybody’s life.

12. Chevron Tattoo

The Viking symbols have truly been an inspiration for both the tattoo industry as well as for the people who want to get inked. ‘Chevron’ is another Viking symbol that means ‘create your own reality.’ A tattoo with such a unique meaning ought to attract everybody’s attention.

13. Enso Tattoo

The Enso or the Zen Circle tattoo represents enlightenment and strength. It’s a beautiful tattoo that would definitely remind you to find strength within your own self whenever you feel like you are going through a tough time.

14. Wings Tattoo

Wings are the symbol of freedom and liberty. Getting a wing tattoo is not only about getting something wild and stylish, but it will be a constant reminder to liberate yourself from the shackles of whatever is holding you back in life.

15. Triangle Tattoo

It’s only fitting to end the list with what we started. The triangle tattoo is a representation of the phrase ‘change is the only constant.’ This tattoo will help you find peace, accept the changes in a positive manner and move on with your life.

We should avoid getting a tattoo only because everybody around us got one or because we think it’s in trend. We should always make sure that we have a tattoo design that is worth scarring our body for. Meaningful tattoos are hard to find, and hence one should look at the examples in their own lives to get inspiration for their tattoo design.

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