Top 15 Weird Food Combinations You Need To Try

Your relationship with food ought to take weird twists and turns, just like a romantic relationship with your partner. However, the best part about being in a relationship with food is that it would never hurt you, and hence you can be as adventurous as you want when it comes to embracing weird food combinations.

Following are the top 15 weird food combinations you need to try. Now.

1. Chocolate and Pizza

Who thought we could combine two of our favorite things together – Nutella on top of pizza? The combination of chocolate and pizza is classic for all those who have a sweet tooth and always complain about pizza being too mainstream.

2. Milkshake and Fries

Dipping fries in ketchup and mustard is cool for sure, but how cool is dipping fries in your favorite milkshake? Mixing sweet and salty so there can be an explosion of flavors in the mouth should be everyone’s new life motto. 

3. Peanut butter and Pickles

Some people might be cringing hard at the thought of combining peanut butter with pickles, but this weird food combination will immediately turn from being just a pregnancy craving to your all-time favorite snack in no time.

4. Popcorn and Marshmallows

Mixing sweet and salty has been in trend for ages. Opting for caramelized popcorn in theatres rather than the normal butter popcorn is a classic example of this. However, what can take this trend to the next level is mixing popcorn with marshmallows which would be a perfect movie snack also.

5. Fruit and Cactus

You don’t have to worry about eating cactus with fruits; rather than that, you can mix up apples, pineapples, oranges, and lime juice with fresh cactus to make a refreshing citrus smoothie. More than weird, this smoothie will come out as an exotic drink that will make you feel healthy and relaxed.

6. Eggplant and Banana

Chef Scott Walton mentions that this weird food combination can be cooked down together, or one can simply slice the eggplant and banana on a grilled baguette and serve it with some salad. This combination is best for balancing out the bitterness of eggplants too.

7. Bacon and Coffee grinds

Both of these items, bacon and coffee, can remind anybody of the perfect morning when they are served the best classic breakfast of all time. The thing that can really elevate this classic breakfast is the coating of the bacon strips in coffee grinds before frying them. This will definitely leave an aroma-rich flavor in your mouth.

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8. Watermelon and Champagne

Who hasn’t heard of pineapple and rum, strawberries and vodka, or raspberries and champagne? Hence, adding fruits to alcoholic drinks are not uncommon, but if you are up for trying something new apart from these conventional drinks, then all you have to do is cut up watermelon into triangular pieces, submerge them in champagne, add in some mint, and enjoy.

9. Chili Flakes and Oranges

This combination might sound extremely simple, but it will surely induce all kinds of fireworks in your mouth. Sprinkling chili flakes on an orange definitely means combining sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. Every flavor that you can think of in one single bite.

10. Oreos and Peanut butter

This iconic food combination was discovered 24 years ago with the coming of the movie ‘The Parent Trap.’ Since then, everybody has been dipping Oreos in PB to feel what Lindsay Lohan felt during the shooting of this scene.

11. Orange juice and Cereal

It’s very common for people to run out of milk in their homes suddenly, but netizens apparently have a solution for everything. Replacing milk with orange juice for your cereal might sound like a horrible combination, but it’s worth giving a try.

12. Cheese+Peanut butter+Ketchup Sandwich

People eat cheese and ketchup in burgers or sandwiches quite often but adding peanut butter to this combination changes the whole equation in a good way. You can taste the different layers of tangy ketchup, sweet and salty peanut butter, and of course, the savory cheese. It would be just like eating a cheeseburger but with peanut butter.

13. Chocolate and Avocado

Avocado is such a creamy fruit that it can go well with any other ingredient. Everyone loves chocolate, and hence combining these two food items ought to reap great results. Chocolate and avocado can be used together to make some delicious cookies or brownies.

14. Cauliflower and Hot Sauce

It’s not always the meat that needs to be marinated so it can taste good, but a bland vegetable like cauliflower can also be dipped in hot sauce if you are craving some light and healthy snacks. This is the perfect combination of different sauces and favors that won’t even make you feel bloated.

15. Fries and Ice Cream

It’s only fitting to end the list with a combination that everybody would be apprehensive about but would be dying to try. The ice-cold sweetness with the crispy-salty fries is heaven in your mouth. You have already dipped the fries in a milkshake, then why not be adventurous and try dipping them in ice cream too?

It’s always better to not listen to others when it comes to choosing a food combination that suits your palate the best. So hurry up, go to your nearest markets and buy different ingredients to make your own version of weird food.

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