Top 15 Yoga For Your Summer Body Goals

Exercise will keep you in good shape but for healthy body and healthy mind yoga is best option. Yoga stretched all the mojor muscles of the body that can help you in the best way to achieve your summer body goals. Here are 15 yoga poses to tone your body.


It’s a twisted forward bending position. You need to sit on the mat with straight back, one leg stretched out and other folded in such way that the sole of your bended leg is toughing the thigh of your stretched leg. Now lift your hand and try to reach the ankle of your stretched leg. It tones stomach, arms and groin area.


it’s a simple forward bending pose. You need to sit of mat with your back straight and legs stretched out in front of you. Take a deep breath raise your hands above your head, now exhale and stretch your arms and try to touch the feet without bending your knees. This pose will tone your stomach and thighs.


This pose is also known as chair pose. For this you need to squat so that your thighs are parallel to the floor and your torso is leaned forward with your hands above your head. This pose will tone your stomach and thighs.


In English it’s called plank pose. You will lie down on your stomach with your palms flat on the floor now lift your body off the floor so that your whole weight is balanced on your palms and the toes and fingers of your feet. This pose will tone your whole body as it stretches all your major muscles.


Malasan also known as garland pose for this you need to squat on the ground with frets closer and your folded knees apart so that the torso part of your body fits between your thighs. Now join your hands in namaste pose. This pose will tone your tummy, thighs and calfs.



it’s an upward facing plank pose. For this you may lie down your back with your palms flat on the floor near your head. Now raise your body off the floor while pressing your hands and feet on the floor. This pose will tone your back, legs, triceps, and shoulders.


It’s also known as shoulder stand. You need to lie down your back on the floor. Now raise your legs and torso in air so that your elbows and shoulder are supporting your body. Your legs should be straight in the air. This pose will tone your arms and tummy


It’s a plow pose and to do this you need to lie down straight on your back. Lift your legs so that your torso is perpendicular to floor. Now lower your toes above your head and your hips should be directed to ceiling. This pose will help you tone your back, arms and hips.


It’s also known as bow pose. Lie straight on your stomach. Now fold your knees and raise your legs as much as you can and hold your ankles. This pose tones your arms and legs.


This pose is also called upward bow. For this lie straight on your back with knees folded so that the sole of your feet are flat on the floor. Now place your hands behind your shoulders and lift your body from the floor. This pose will tone your legs, arms and abdominal muscles.


Trikon literally means triangle in English so this pose is also called triangle Pose. For this you need to stand straight with your feet wide apart. Now touch your right feet with your left hand your right hand should be straight in air directing toward ceiling and vice versa with your left leg and right hand. This pose will tone your arms and stomach.


nav means boat and asan means pose. For this you need to sit on your floor, raise your legs and arch your back so that your legs are 45° to the floor and your back is 135° to the floor. Now straighten your arms and touch the back side of your knees. This will tone your abdominal and torso.


Locust pose is an intense pose which needs your proper attention. For this you need to lay down on your stomach on the floor . Now lift your legs and chest straight in the air so that your body is resembling a locust. Your whole should be balanced on your stomach and torso area. This pose will tone your chest, stomach, torso and thighs.


it is also known as diamond pose or kneeling pose. For this you will kneel down so that your big toes are crossed with each other. Keep your back straight and focus your eyes on one point. This asan will gradually flatten your tummy.


Shav means corpse so it’s also called corpse pose. For this you need to lie down straight on your back. Close your eyes and don’t use any cushion for support. This pose should be done at the end of your yoga cause it saves your energy as your metabolism is working faster after yoga.

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