Top 15 Water Sports That You Must Try This Summer

Being an adventurous traveller is really tough during summers. You can’t possibly trek or hike in this scorching weather. But you could always try some water adventures and water sports. They are fun and also you won’t feel hot! Here are fifteen water sports that you should experience this summer.

Top 15 Water Sports That You must Try This Summer

1. Horse surfing

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This sport is a unique blend of horse riding and surfing. The horse rider will ride the horse in the shallow part of the water and a surfer is pulled behind. You need proper techniques and equipment to perform this sport. But after you have learnt this, it is extremely fun!

2. Swimming

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It is one of the most refreshing sports and helps in reviving the whole body. It keeps your body fit and active. Diving inside the water on a hot summer day definitely feels like heaven. You can swim daily as a part of your workout or twice a week.

3. Kayaking

Image source- Newquay Activity Centre

For this, you’ll be seated inside a kayak and start moving across the water. If you are not rowing the kayak, you can enjoy the landscape, water, and peace. Rowing the kayak is equally fun and helps in exercising your upper body.

4. Boating

Image source- Kerala Tourism

It is a very common activity and apt for families. You can go boating and enjoy the view that the place has to offer or you can row the boat yourself. Along with good food, music and awesome company, boating feels like paradise.

5. Underwater scooter

Image source- Discover Roatan

You can take your underwater scooter and unravel the wonderful aquatic life beneath. It feels like riding in the water. It is mostly used by scuba divers but is a sports activity in various places. It is one of the most exciting sports that you’ll ever experience.

6. Sea walking

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With the advent in diving systems, you can dive as deep as you want. It has grown so much that you actually walk on the seafloor while experiencing the aquatic beauty. Wear your diving suit and just jump into the sea to experience one of the most beautiful sights in the world!

7. Scuba diving

Image source- Padi

This is one of the best ways to see the aquatic world. You get a closeup experience of what goes on beneath the surface. It is one of the most common water sports and is really fun. You wear your suit and your oxygen mask to dive into the beauty!

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8. White water rafting

Image source- Backpacker Guide NZ

This activity is apt if you are looking for something subtle as well as adventurous. Sit in the raft, take up the bars in your hand and start rowing. Feel the wind on your face and soak in the beauty around you. It is perfect for a family vacation.

9. Jet skiing

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Glide through the water, feel the breeze and the sun shining on you. Jet skiing will make your adrenaline rush and you’ll want to do it again and again. You’ll feel like the hero in some Bollywood movie, gliding to save his life from his enemies. You’ll also be able to click some badass photos!

10. Snorkeling with whales

Image source- Timbuktu Travel

Snorkeling is basically swimming inside the water with your swimsuits, diving mask and snorkel (breathing tube). This is what normal snorkelling is, you can swim underwater explore a wide variety of fishes, plants and other aquatic beings. But snorkeling with whales means that you’ll explore all these things with a whale companion!

11. Flyboard flying

A flyboard is basically a device which helps you to hop high into the air. You’ll feel like a dolphin, coming out of the water and then diving in again. You will feel your adrenaline rushing as this one of the most adventurous sports that you’ll ever try. Not many people know about this, so you can try this cool sport before it becomes common!

12. Parasailing

Image source- Espadilla Ocean Club

It is similar to paragliding, here, you are connected to a speedboat. The speedboat will pull you and you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful view. Make sure you try paragliding at a place which has a good landscape. It is not very dangerous and anyone can do it easily.

13. Freediving

Image source- Cretan Beaches

This sport is best if you are a professional or at least a basic swimmer. Free-diving does not make use of any breathing equipment, it is all based on your breathing capability. You have to hold your breath and resurface again to take up some oxygen. As the name suggests, you just dive in without any major apparatus, view what’s inside and then resurface.

14. Cliff diving

Image source- BarePockets

It is very similar to freediving. Here you have to jump from a cliff and land directly into the water. For all those who love adventures and challenging themselves, should try this. you should know swimming for all these diving activities as there is no major equipment involved.

15. SUP yoga

Image source- Columbus Underground

We all have tried doing yoga mats, SUP yoga basically tells you to do yoga amidst the water. SUP stands for stand up paddle surfing. You take your board and get down in the calm waters to perform yoga. It is very calm and relaxing, taking yoga to another level.

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