Top 15 Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands

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Fast fashion may be the trend right now, but the way it is harming our earth is beyond our imagination. Today the fashion industry is one of the greatest polluters among all industries. The only solution right now is to do things sustainably. Also, it is a huge responsibility for us buyers that we choose brands that do things in an eco-friendly way.

Here are the top 15 sustainable and eco-friendly fashion brands:

1. Mate The Label

The best thing about the brand is that they use 100% cotton and linen, and they also have hem clothing. They also ensure to limit the water waste that most of the brands right now in the industry don’t care about. Also, their clothing collection is completely vegan.

2. Mud

This brand makes one of the best sustainable denim. They make it out of recycled cotton and use organic dye. They also ensure limited chemical usage and manage water wastage in production. Also, they contain both men’s and women’s styles.

3. Oakie The Label

This brand uses 100% eco-friendly material, and they have clothes for men, women, and toddlers. They also use carbon-neutral shipping, and their factories are also very clean.

4. Everlane

This is another big name in eco-friendly fashion because of its quality products. They have a wide range of variety and also ensure having the ‘world’s cleanest denim factory.’ They also allow free shipping on your first order.

5. Girlfriend Collective

Now, you would be surprised to know that all of their collection is made up of recycled water bottles. The leggings collection of this brand is amazing, with an inclusive size range, and is probably one of the comfiest of all. Apart from this, this brand uses all organic dyes.

6. Amour Vert

All of their clothing is made in the United States, and they use all eco-friendly materials. The most amazing thing about this brand is that for every T-shirt you buy from this brand, they plant a tree for it. You can find jewelry on their website, too, along with both men’s and women’s collections.

7. Pansy

This is a highly recommended brand if you need any kind of undergarments. Their products are manufactured in California and are made up of 100% cotton. 

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8. Patagonia

This brand uses organic cotton, recycled wool, and organic dyes for its clothing. You can find a wide range of outdoor and adventure clothing. Starting from backpacks to winter pullovers, you can find everything in this brand. 

9. Tasi Travels

All their clothing is made in Australia, and they use sustainable materials such as Tencel and organic cotton. Also, their packaging is completely plastic-free, and they have a range for both men and women.

10. Vege Threads

All of their clothes are sustainably and ethically made. They also make swimwear from recycled nylon. They are also credited with ethical clothing in Australia.

11. Reformation

This brand has become a carbon-neutral brand since 2015. They have beautiful floral clothing items perfect for any brunch, trip, or wedding. Currently one of the most loved brands of all the fashion influencers. This brand is also very transparent, and they post their sustainability reports quarterly. 

12. Etiko

This brand has many similar shoes to Converse. But unlike Converse, their products are sustainably made. This brand also ensures the payment of the living wage of all workers. Also, their entire product range is completely vegan.

13. Bayou With Love

If you are fond of expensive jewelry pieces, then you must visit this brand. They make fine jewelry and use recycled gold found in old technology. This brand also recycles all the water used in production. All of their jewelry is made in Los Angeles.

14. Parade

This is another brand, just like Pansy, that makes undergarments (mainly undies). All of their products are free from harmful chemicals. They also have very sustainable shipping, and their products range from sizes XS-3XL.

15. Nae

If you are looking for a sustainable shoe collection, then this is the best option for that. They use sustainable materials like pinatex and organic cotton. They contain both men’s and women’s styles, and all of their products are completely vegan. The shoes are made in Europe, and they also ensure fair working conditions.

You don’t have to compromise on fashion to save the earth. These sustainable and eco-friendly fashion brands are paving the way for all those who are creative and care about the planet!

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