Top 15 Signs Of Suffering From Depression You Need To Be Aware Of

Since childhood, we all have heard that happiness and sorrow are the default aspects of life. But this does not mean one should accept his/her sadness effortlessly. You would be surprised to know that in the world full of 1 billion human beings, there are people who find themselves alone. Yes, you got it right we are talking about a serious problem called depression.

Believe it or not, depression is as serious as any physical disease. Therefore, it is important to realize it at an initial stage for a better cure. Here are the top 15 signs of suffering from depression that are too important to neglect.

Top 15 Signs Of Suffering From Depression You Need To Be Aware Of

1. Empty Mood

Empty Mood
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The initial stages of depression make you feel empty. You do not feel like doing anything or meeting someone. The feeling of depression gradually detaches you from your surroundings. Lack of connection with other people can lead to even severe stages of depression.   

2. Consistent Sadness

Consistent Sadness
Source: Thrive Global

In some stages of life, everyone has to go through tough times. During these situations, things do not work out as per our will. But this sadness is called grief or sorrow. It certainly passes out after some time. On the other hand, people suffering from depression are broken from the inside which is why unavoidable sadness can be a sign of depression.

3. Insomnia Or Oversleeping

Insomnia Or Oversleeping
Source: The Sleep Doctor

The uneasiness feeling caused by depression affects both your mind and body. The regular battles going within the mind significantly affect your sleeping pattern. This has two extreme results. Either you sleep too much or your body suffers from insomnia.  

4. Lack Of Appetite

Lack Of Appetite
Source: Healthline

The fact that the brain controls our body plays a major role in these cases. Due to the ascertain rounds of sadness and loneliness, your basic body functions get interrupted. People suffering from depression have been observed to develop a lack of appetite. This even worsens their condition physically.

5. An Abnormal Increase In Weight

An Abnormal Increase In Weight
Source: Healthline

The frustration and sadness present in the minds of people suffering from depression provoke them to overeat. This leads to obesity or unwanted weight gain. Hence, it is important to have a look at your daily diet.

6. Excess Negativity In The Mind

Excess Negativity In The Mind
Source: Meaningful Women

As human beings, we have to go through both positive and negative types of situations. However, people, who are well, find one or the other way to tackle with the negativity around them. In case, if your positivity is unable to defend the negativity around you, then its time you seek out for some help from your loved ones.  

7. Lack Of Interest In Any Activity

Lack Of Interest In Any Activity
Source: Medical News Today

Do you ever wonder how people with a healthy big family fall into the trap of depression? It actually starts from the small detachments. Initially, they do not find interest in normal parties, gatherings, etc. With time, they get acclimatized with this feeling of being alone. This eventually disconnects the person from his/her loved ones leading to a lack of communication and hence intense sadness.   

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8. A Decline In Overall Performance

A Decline In Overall Performance
Source: The Balance Careers

It becomes difficult to concentrate on studies or daily office work when your mind is carrying the burden of depression. This clearly states that how depression can have a serious impact on your entire life. Right from a school kid to the CEO of a big company, depression can destroy the whole career.   

9. Suicidal Thoughts

 Suicidal Thoughts
Source: The Swaddle

This is considered to be the extreme stage of depression. The mental pressure on the mind increases to the extent that the person leaves the desire of living. In such situations, people find themselves ending their life more preferable than surviving.

10. Regular Headaches Or Body Pain

Regular Headaches Or Body Pain
Source: Medical News Today

Apart from other physical difficulties, depression brings some aches too. Due to less energy and low feelings, people suffer from headaches or various types of body pain during the depression.     

11. Constant Irritative Behavior

Constant Irritative Behavior
Source: Healthline

It is hard when you are unable to think positive like others. Due to this, some people tend to become very aggressive towards others. This eventually damages their relationships and makes them more depressed.   

12. Feeling Low

Feeling Low
Source: Medium

This symptom might occur in cases other than depression too. Sometimes, due to tiredness and high workload, people tend to feel low. But, it is not appropriate to feel low all the time because this can be one of the signs of suffering from depression.   

13. Lack Of Concentration

Lack Of Concentration
Source: Women’s Alphabet

Concentration only comes from a healthy mind. A heavy mind full of thoughts, sadness, and loneliness cannot assure you better productivity. Lack of concentration in daily activities can be a serious effect of depression.

14. The Desire Of Being Alone

The Desire Of Being Alone
Source: PsychAlive

The reason why people get suicidal in depression is their loneliness. Due to lack of support and understanding, the person feels alone and get addicted to it. This makes him/her anxious amongst a large number of people. Depressed people want to stay alone all the time.  

15. Self-doubt

Source: Lifehack

This the last yet the most important point. Depression transforms the mental state of a person when he/she began to doubt her. The inability to feel good or positive makes them feel abnormal. These people even began doubting their self-esteem that leads to self-destruction.    

These were some of the common signs of suffering from depression observed in people. You should never feel alone or ashamed of talking and sharing what you feel. Because exchanging thoughts and feelings with your loved ones is an essential process. This is something that keeps you motivated and feels positive. So if you feel distressed sometimes, it is better to talk to someone close to you as soon as possible.

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