Top 15 Unique Planets

The infinite cosmos is a treasure island awaiting exploration. Nestled in its basket are galaxies, constellations, back holes, dark matter, planets, and satellites, amongst other ethereal creations.

Below is a list of fifteen unique planets cradled in the arms of the infinite cosmos.

1. TrEs-2b

A gas giant where the night is endless and pitch-dark. Approximately 1.5 times the size of Jupiter, it absorbs light better than charcoal. It is huge in size and is often compared to the planet Jupiter because of its size. One interesting fact about this planet is that it has nights that don’t come to an end.

2. 55 Cancri E

This planet is the rarest of all. It is half covered in molten lava. Scientists declared that this planet is half covered in molten lava due to its proximity to the sun. The other half of this planet is full of darkness, and the reason behind it is that the second half never faces the sun.

3. HD 189733 b

The planet’s atmosphere contains hard silicate particles, giving it a gorgeous blue hue. The hue of this planet is somewhat dreamy. However, the hard silicate in the atmosphere causes glass rainfall on the planet!

4. PSR B1257+12

This one has three exo-planets that are being slowly destroyed by their sun. Studies have suggested that in the coming years, PSR B1257+12 will soon show signs of being extinct, and the sun’s destructive heat might be the reason behind it.

5. Kepler 70b

One of the hottest planets ever discovered, it is being consumed and turned into a hot rocky planet by its star, Kepler 70. It records high temperatures that can even melt the rocks to molten matter.

6. WASP 12b

This planet is also slowly devoured by its star due to the high gravitational pull. The star of this planet is different from the rest of the planets, with a high degree of gravitational tug compared to the other planets. Studies suggest that the planet will succumb entirely to its star within the next ten million years.

7. Gliese 436 b

Being extremely close to the sun, its temperature is similar to a blazing furnace. This planet has often become a constant source of confusion for many scientists. It has an existence of duality which has no scientific knowledge attached to it. The planet records high temperatures but is surprisingly covered in extremely dense ice.

8. Venus

The Earth’s twin has gravity nearly 100 times as strong as Earth’s. This planet holds great relevance in Greek and Hindu mythologies. It has several features that hold great resemblance to the planet Earth. It is a planet with a bright texture. There have been several speculations about theories stating that there exists life on this planet though scientists rarely confirm this.

9. OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb

An awfully cold planet, it experiences temperatures as low as minus 223 degrees centigrade. The exo-planet is, therefore, dark and perpetually covered in ice. Yet its rocky core has led scientists to speculate about the existence of alien life beneath the surface.

10. Dimidium

The planet is uninhabitable for any living thing. The planet has only one side facing its star, which experiences temperatures up to 980 degrees centigrade. It carries excessive amounts of iron in the form of vapor in its atmosphere, creating clouds that only fall later as molten iron rainfall.

11. Osiris

The planet is surrounded by a layer of oxygen which has perplexed scientists owing to its extremely close proximity to its star. This planet has become the recent interest of the science world, and many attempts have been made to uncover the mysteries of this planet.

12. COROT exo-3b

A gas giant similar in size to Jupiter, it is highly dense, making anything on its surface weigh fifty times more than it would weigh on Earth. Humans would be immediately crushed to their demise owing to the planet’s gravity.

13. COROT 7b

In an infernal landscape, the planet’s rocks evaporate and fall back as molten rock.

14. OTS 44

A rogue planet eleven times the size of Jupiter, it hurtles through space without being bound to any star. It has a size that is unimaginable by the human brain.

15. Carbon Planets

Although there’s no solid proof for the existence of this one, scientists speculate that carbon planets form the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The surface of such planets would be covered in an ocean of black tar.

The universe is an ethereal mystery that creates, composes, and sustains unique heavenly bodies. With the advent of great technological advancements, humans are exploring and discovering increasingly fascinating aspects of the womb of the cosmos.

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