Top 15 Unknown Facts About Animals

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Animal species are countless, and their nature and behavior are under development. Researchers observe a new fact about animals every second. So here we tried to bring some relatable unknown facts about animals.

Have a look at the top 15 unknown facts about animals:

1. World’s deadliest animal

You might be surprised after knowing this fact – not a lion or a shark, but according to a report from WHO, mosquitos are the deadliest animals, with an average of 725,000 people killed per year.

2. Insects per human

Ants are the most populated species on Earth. According to recent studies, for a single human being, there are approximately 1.4 billion insects on Earth.

3. Our Inspiration, koalas

Whether it’s a cozy winter morning or noon of summer, we all love to sleep. Our only competitor is a koala. Due to their toxin dieting, out of 24 hours, a koala can sleep for 22 hours a day.

4. Fastest animal

Cheetah, Peregrine Falcon, and the Black Marlin are the fastest land animal, the fastest bird, and the fastest sea animal, respectively. Cheetahs with a speed of up to 120 km/h, Peregrine Falcon with a speed of 390 km/h, and the Black Marlin with a swimming speed of up to 130 km/h are the fastest animals in their respective areas.

5. Animal with the strongest bite

With a capacity of around five thousand pounds per square inch, the bite of a Nile crocodile is the strongest bite in the world by an animal. The Nile crocodile’s jaw can produce 50 times more pressure than a human’s jaw.

6. The octopus effect

The giant pacific octopus can change their texture to camouflage to avoid danger. Their blood is blue, and they have nine brains and three hearts.

7. The pregnant male

With a pouch on his stomach, the male seahorse is the only male animal that goes through pregnancy. He can carry up to 2000 babies in his stomach pouch.

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8. The black skin of polar bears

How many of you know that jet black is the original color of polar bears’ skin? The white thing we see is their fur coat. The black skin helps them to keep warm in cold, freezing environments.

9. The longest airborne

Alpine Swift holds the world record of being airborne for over 200 days without touching the ground. This bird continuously flew for more than six months over West Africa to hunt.

10. The alcoholic chimpanzees

Researchers from the Royal Science Open Society found out that chimpanzees like to drink some naturally fermented drinks, namely “crushed leaves.”

11. The upside-down catch

Can you guess this group of animals? The keyword is “upside-down.” Yes, you’re right. We are talking about bats. The most amazing fact about bats is that they deliver newborns upside-down and catch them with their wings. A single bat can also eat a thousand mosquitoes an hour.

12. The revenant frog

We all watched DiCaprio’s Oscar-winning movie, “The Revenant.” I coined this title for the Alaskan wood frog species for a specific reason. When literal freezing leads to death for almost every mammal, this species of frog survives the winter, with 2/3rd of its body actually turning into ice.

13. Personal cooling system

Although people had lots of misconceptions regarding the pink sweat and blood of the Hippopotamus, so, here lies the unknown fact. Actually, like giraffes, hippos require a shield from the powerful rays of the sun, and out of this protection, their body releases this oily secretion that appears to be red in color in the sunlight.

14. Beat the time

By beating the time at 40-80 flapping of wings per second, a hummingbird can move backward (the only bird to do so naturally without any help). On the other hand, houseflies can flip their wings up to 190 times per second.

15. One with colonized society

Honeybees are the most civilized. They show a high level of professionalism by performing almost all sorts of tasks, from guarding the Queen bee to collecting pollen, from cleaning the hive to scouting out for new sites. They perform almost all the work we do in a civilized society.

Animals can be extremely simple but intuitive at times. They never fail to stun us. Hope you enjoyed the top 15 unknown facts about animals!

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