Top 15 Makeup Products to Get Ready on Your Own

Makeup has become a big deal in today’s times. There are tons of makeup brands, thousands of makeup experts and a whole lot of different types of products. Here’s the list of the Top 15 Makeup Products to use when getting ready on your own. Read on to find out!

1. Moisturizer or Face Primer

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A primer is the first step for applying makeup. It acts as a base for the rest of the stuff to be applied on the face. If you think that investing in a primer is a lot of expense, you can totally use a hydrating moisturizer instead of a primer. Just let it absorb for a few minutes before you begin with your makeup.

2. A BB or CC Cream

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Both these products have very subtle differences. A BB cream is a beauty benefit cream, and it’s like a light foundation with some SPF and moisturizing benefits. And a CC cream is a color correcting cream. It handles some slight discoloration or redness on the face. They’re very suitable to have as everyday basics, depending on the type of need.

3. Kohl (Kajal)

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Kajal or kohl is a must-have makeup product. It accentuates the look of the eyes like nothing else. A stroke of black kajal on your water line is sometimes enough to make your eyes look prettier in seconds. Now you can also find different shades of kohls other than black, such as teal, dark blue and more.

4. Lip Gloss

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A lip gloss subtly does the work of both lip balm and glossy lipstick. Lip glosses are very hydrating and help moisturize the lips. They also have a tint of color to add a shade along with the gloss. They’re indubitably a part of everyday essentials.

5. Lipsticks

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Lipsticks are again, absolutely essential in terms of makeup products. There are various types of lipsticks: Matte, Glossy, Creamy, Liquid lipsticks, and Stick ones. There are tonnes of brands out there to choose from. The must-have shades are: something in pink, the evergreen red and the brown one. 


6. Eyeliner

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An eyeliner looks really captivating. The black one is a classic choice for an eyeliner, though one can now find various different kinds of shades in eyeliners as well. There are liquid liners, pen ones, and even gel eyeliners. The winged eyeliner style is currently an obsession amongst most women.

7. Concealer

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A concealer is a makeup product that helps in a bit of highlighting the high points of the face, apart from providing light to medium coverage to flaws as well. There are liquid-based and cream-based concealers in the market, in multiple tones to choose from.

8. Foundation

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A perfectly matching foundation has to be a part of the must-have makeup product list. It provides a whole lot of coverage, unlike BB or CC creams. It acts as a base for the other products to be applied on the face. There are liquid foundations, cream-based and stick-based foundations available in the market.

9. Corrector

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A corrector is a relatively lesser bought product and is used more by professionals. However, it’s a must-have in case you have certain prominent flaws on your skin. The image above shows the different shades of color correctors, used for different kinds of issues. They help to cover scars, marks, redness, etc. before the application of foundation.

10. Blush

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A blush is a highly pigmented makeup product, meant for your cheeks. Blushes are usually available in pink and peach tones. And they’re supposed to be applied on the apples of your cheeks. It looks like a natural flush and elevates the entire look very elegantly.

11. Mascara

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A mascara is a makeup product for your eyelashes. It has a brush wand that is designed to curl your lashes a little bit, and applying only a thin coat of black color can make your lashes instantly look more voluminous and attractive.

12. Eye shadow palette

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Eye shadows are an important step of eye makeup. They add that drama to your eyes, best-suited for parties, functions, and occasions. There are hundreds of palettes out there with combinations of dark, medium, and light shades of both, matte and shimmery textures. One can be super experimental with their application, as there’s a lot of room for creativity. Eyeshadows are not an everyday thing, unless mild nude shades are used just to accentuate the look of the eyes. 

13. Bronzer

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A bronzer is a makeup product that has the capability of altering and redefining the facial features of a person. Application of bronzer results in the creation of a shadow to make certain areas of the face look slimmer, sharp and well defined. This is called contouring. In case of a bronzer, the better the brand, the greater the result.

14. Highlighter

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A highlighter is like a translucent or whitish shimmery powder. It is super shiny, and it helps to get an attractive glow. With the right brand, a tad bit of application also gives an edge. It is applied to the high points of the face and on the inner corners of the eyes.

15. Translucent Powder

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A translucent powder is a setting powder for the makeup. Thus, you can use it after applying the other products in order to set them in place. This setting is essential, in order to ensure that the makeup doesn’t rub off easily, or look too shiny. It is usually a bit too expensive. One can even opt for baby powder as an alternative to this one.

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Of course, you need certain makeup brushes, a sponge, and a beauty blender in order to apply various products. A makeup fixing spray is also available. And, even a good makeup remover to get rid of the entire makeup as well!

With changing times and so much advancement in the field of makeup, it becomes important to walk with the times and work on your grooming as per what’s trending. 

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